Written by Kai Charles

The saying “The House Always Wins” fits in the case of the auctioneer Xrexus. After discovering Maul captured the Padwan Eldra Kaitis, Xrexus shot down Maul’s ship. For a fee, Xerexus offered the other bidders a chance to hunt them down. The group landed on the rough terrain of the Moon of Drazkel and Maul and Eldra scramble to find a way off the moon.

With the odds stacked against them, Maul gives Eldra her weapon to fight off the disgruntled bidders. In the aftermath of the battle, the Sith and Padawan find it’s time to settle their own differences saber to saber.

Issue 4 continues to satisfy my craving for alien characters. It is great to see large groups of my favorites from the films and novels engaged in epic conflict. The wonderful battle scenes in this issue are a nice set up for the final battle. I am looking forward to the conclusion.

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