Queen Sugar 1.11 Review – “All Good”

The Bordelons Stand and Shine Together


During my review of last week’s Queen Sugar, I got a little emotional and political. But I’m going to hold it together this week…. probably. So, the Bordelon siblings are filled with renewed, unified purpose. They have vowed never to sell the farm to the family who owned their family, then dogged and sabotaged their progress for decades afterward.

Take Flight.

Nova comes home and finds a sleeping Too Sweet on her porch after an extended time where he had run away from the shelter he and his family were staying. He seems to integrate well into Nova’s life, as she comforts him and encourages him to go back to school, then takes him to be around her family. I wonder how his own family is doing. His mom probably could use one less child to care for while she resolves their homelessness, but since he’s nearly a man, he could also be helping her in those efforts.

These characters are so 3-dimensional, I’m literally over here contemplating what’s going on with folks we’ve never even seen.


Darla become even more of a fixture in Blue and RA’s lives. All of RA’s resistance to her presence seems to have melted away. While she’s helping Blue get ready for school, she coaches him playfully about dealing with schoolyard bullies, and participates in a family tickle fight with the two Bordelon gents.

Darla’s advice gets put to immediate use as she and RA are called in by Miss Velez since Blue popped a kid named Jamal in the mouth. Jamal’s parents blame Blue’s outburst on being allowed to play with a Barbie doll. Ah, so now we know what Jamal was most likely taunting Blue about.

Plot Hole Alert: A school that won’t let RA sign a permission slip is not calling Darla to a parent meeting.


Conversely, Micah’s academic woes are solved when Davis writes a fat check to the prep school. Charley is invited to a champagne brunch for new parents. At the brunch, she runs into the GM of the local basketball team and starts laying the foundation for Davis – a newly minted free agent, to join their ranks. They can’t pay his price tag, but hopefully the prospect of being around Micah will sweeten the deal.


Speaking of family business, the siblings Bordelon gather around the table with Remy and discuss how they’re going to resist the Landry/Boudreux choke hold. Their options seem limited since there is no one else who can grind their cane within a reasonable distance. They would have to rent a fleet of trucks to transport it and could still completely lose their harvest in the 18-hour journey. Charley is in business mode, confident they can figure things out. Nova and RA seem less convinced but committed all the same.

Charley suggests they apply for a loan since she’s filed for divorce and doesn’t want to tap into her joint accounts with Davis. I actually laughed out loud at the look Nova and RA share when they catch eyes. I slapped my knee when Remy threw her an “Oh reeeeally?” look. Wonderful.

Once Remy and RA bustle out of the house with twin knowing smirks, Charley and Remy share a kiss. Of course, Micah chooses that time to come in the front door. He is displeased and accuses Charley of never even loving his dad. I like Micah a lot, and I know he’s been dragged through the ringer lately, but he steps over the line with his mother too much! I’m not the only one who feels this way. Later in the episode there is this exchange:

Charley: He’s giving me the silent treatment.

Vi: Well you need to give him the ass whoopin treatment.

Me: Asé

A distraught Charley goes to Nova, feeling terrible. Nova assuages her guilt, especially after she finds out Charley has never been with another man beside Davis. It’s perfectly normal for her to want to be loved by a good man like Remy.

Nova doesn’t just have encouraging words at her disposal, in another gorgeous feat of powerful culture, the show has Nova perform a cleansing ritual over Charley that had me in slack jawed, wide-eyed awe. Nova evokes the orisha, Osun over a distracted and uncomfortable Charley. After a few minutes, you see the change in Charley as Nova commands her to breathe and finally, she does.


Charley goes over to RA’s house to meet with the loan officer, it looks so promising RA does a cute little jig. That is until Boudreux comes to the door to menace them and tell them they aren’t getting a loan. Clearly this family’s tendrils reach into every part of the parish. In the featured scene above, Charley and RA make their intentions to fight them absolutely clear.


Vi continues her crusade to make The High Yellow into the most happening spot in the parish. The owner puts up tepid resistance over her ordering liquor, claiming his church group would object. Vi waves it off, saying that Jesus turned water into wine. I know I say it often, but please note: I LOVE VI SO MUCH.

Her maverick idea to transform The High Yellow seems to go as planned because the Grand Re-opening is a huge success. In true Bordelon fashion, everyone comes to pitch in and help Vi get set up. RA brings Darla and instead of showing overt hostility or ignoring her, Vi makes it a point to include Darla for Blue’s sake.

Nova has a one-on-one talk with Micah and points out how much Charley has sacrificed for him and how she deserves to have something for herself. Nova is his cool aunt who he looks up to, so having her speak to him so plainly changes something in Micah. During the party he shows his support for his mom sharing a dance with Remy.

RA and Darla also share a dance. So the episode ends with two new (renewed) couples publicly acknowledging each other.

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