When the Storm comic first launched I was super-geeked along with many other comic book fans, that Ororo Monroe was finally getting her own solid series. I rarely write reviews, because I spent years doing so when I wrote a film blog, and countless other websites do the same thing, so I usually step outside of reviewing books, films, TV shows etc.  However, when I noticed that sales were down for Storm and that there was a #SaveStorm campaign on Twitter I was concerned.   I was sad when I heard news of the female empowered comic She-Hulk was canceled.  Storm fans asked for her own comic and Marvel listened and I am still curious to know what is it about this AMAZING comic that has not yet stuck with fans?

I want to just take a moment to bask in the awesomeness that is Storm.  I’ve been reading several comics right now Thor, Death of Wolverine, Black Panther, and some old school Excalibur.  However, nothing gets my goosebumps and the hairs on the back of my neck standing still like Greg Pak’s Storm.  If you haven’t started on the comic, then it’s absolutely fine because that just means you have the opportunity to catch up on the first five issues!

It’s obvious from Storm’s inception until today that she has had massive appeal to all people.  It’s not just Black women who are fans, but men and women of all different backgrounds and nationalities love and adore her.  However, when you are a Black female who has to deal with a greater deal of adversity than a man or a white woman, I love turning to comics to see a woman with brown skin like me kicking ass and taking names! We don’t find many stories out there that speak to our experiences, and when we do it is empowering and uplifting in every way to our inner core.  The new series Storm by Greg Pak, which launched back in July, Ororo Monroe was introduced as many things; Goddess, Windrider, Princess N’Dare, and Queen of Wakanda.  However, what struck me most about Storm were not her mutant powers, intellect, leadership, and supernatural strength.  What struck me most was that she was someone who has vulnerabilities and real human moments.  She carries with her burdens like I do which makes me feel like I’m not the only one who has a bad day or insecurities about who and what kind of person I am.

**Spoilers Ahead**


Ororo in this last issue of Storm by Greg Pak, has an altercation with Gah-Ran that turns into a duel.  She’s still mourning over the death of Logan aka Wolverine and is struggling with a cacophony of emotions, while trying to handle it well under pressure, grace and dignity.  It doesn’t help that Yukio wants Ororo to honor Wolverine’s memory by seizing the four clans and claiming leadership of their throne.  If you need to understand the full context of her relationship with Wolverine and the events surrounding his death, I would recommend that you read Death of Wolverine  and the X-Men comics to get a sense of emotional torrent that is spinning like a whirlwind inside of Storm’s soul.   Yukio is found in a precarious situation among an underground clan in Las Vegas, which traces back to Wolverine’s last days there.  Storm heads out to the desert when she is challenged to fight Gah-Ran and sees remnants of Wolverine’s adamantium claws embossed in soft rock which triggers more emotions.

The fight begins and Storm does what she does best and still looks amazing after a battle.  Storm still looked ravishing all bloodied and bruised.

The sales for Storm can pick up easily, but if there are new readers that are just getting acquainted with Storm, I can understand why the series’ story line may be perplexing to new readers.


So here is breakdown of what has happened so far and where Storm begins in Greg Pak’s storytelling:


Storm was formerly married to T’Challa also known as Black Panther and their marriage was annulled.  In Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 #24, Storm was told by her former hubby T’Challa that it would be okay for her to move on and start dating.  However, T’Challa warns Storm not to date “him” which the comment is implied at Wolverine.  Ororo and Logan who have a long and intense history for decades, engage in a romantic kiss and the two begin dating soon after.  Storm is also asked to be the new headmistress in Jean Grey’s School of Higher Learning.

Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 #24
Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 #24


Wolverine cuts her hair as well with his claws and gives her back the very mohawk we now see in the current Storm issues.


This is where Storm and Wolverine happens.

Now onto Storm’s new series, Storm is still the current headmistress in Jean Grey’s School of Higher Learning.  Yukio, who appears in issue #4 of Storm, is a longtime friend and former lover of Wolverine.  This is what makes issue #5 very important.  These two women who have both had long histories with Logan as comrades and lovers, think they know the true Wolverine and in issue #5 they disagree on the kind of hero Wolverine actually was.  In Yukio’s eyes he’s a renegade killer and in Storm’s eyes he was warm spirit and not the man Yukio believes him to be.  Wolverine has a heavy presence in both issues #4 and #5 of Storm since this is the “Death of Wolverine” aftermath.  Each of the characters of X-Men and many other characters who came to know Wolverine, share their moments to reflect on the mutant that he was.  Each character acts out in their own different way, which is the dichotomy you see between both Yukio and Storm.

Yukio – Storm #5
Storm #5


At the end, Storm flies away and leaves Yukio and her clan and is off to her next adventure and so the aftermath of life after Wolverine continues in issue #6.  As much as I would like to speculate what happens between #6 and issue #7, I’m curious what series of events have transpired to leave Storm walking away in handcuffs by law enforcement?


Storm #7


So here is what I propose to you comic geeks out there.  The holidays are here and Christmas time is right around the corner.  Purchase a great bundle pack of the first five issues and give them to a friend or family member who need a heroic, empowering, and female-centric comic book.  You can purchase trades at your local comic shop, which I always encourage you to support.  The best website to find information on how to find your local comic shop is HERE.  You can also download digital copies of comic books on Comixology.  With Comixology, you go to the website, purchase a comic of your liking, and then download.  If you have a tablet or iPad, make sure you download the Comixology app (available both on Android or iOS) and the app acts as a reader for your digital purchase.

On Tumblr, there is a plea from a Storm fan that provides a detailed explanation of why the #SaveStorm campaign is important

Please continue to spread the word about Storm and let this comic thrive, I don’t think it is going anywhere, but I encourage all of you to show the love this comic deserves.  In a world where we crave diversity and representation, we should remember that there are spaces out there that are representing women like us, and we should always do our due diligence to support those efforts.



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