Are you a fan of the deep sea and all the mystical adventures lurking below? Do you love a good mermaid tale? well, the forthcoming novella, Orniainthi, may be the book for you!

Check out the synopsis below:

During a dive, a massive panic attack sidelines oceanographer Dr. Viola E. Foy to her desk for eight years. An urgent call from college friend Dr. Devin Strucker marks her return to the ocean. The expedition starts off well, with Foy’s research aiding the team. But appearances are deceiving.

She’s betrayed and forced to dive illegally into Andros Island’s mysterious Black Hole. There an accident transforms Dr. Foy into a mermaid. Her newfound powers and abilities cause her to become a target for FUCA and the US Navy.

More adversity arrives when FUCA’s CEO Wendell Normand Galloway re-emerges from seclusion. His plans include the unleashing of an ancient sea monster and threaten to doom the world to a watery grave.

Can Dr. Foy harness her new abilities, avoid capture and save the world in time?

About T.C. Harrison: T.C. Harrison is a writer originally from Eureka, California presently residing in Central Florida who writes about music, poetry, comics, anime, TV, movies, writing, fashion, food, love, life, & wherever their imagination takes them. They continue to work on poems and stories that they hope to publish.

Twitter: @Musingsofablerd

Genre: Fantasy & Magic/Adventure
ISBN: 9781370464395
Page Count: 216
Word Count: 48,063
Cover Created By T.C. Harrison

Orniainthi will be available for print in March 2017.

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