It’s always wonderful to see the diaspora spread throughout the digital space. It’s even better to see them expand and grow in functionality and form.

Users of the updated version of Igbo101 are invited to take part in a quest to acquire a piece of property–or ‘Ala’ (“land” in Igbo). This includes over a dozen lessons and games spread across 4 levels.

The Details

Igbo101 is set in 4 levels called Kingdoms with about 16 topics spread across the levels. Each topic has a companion game tied to it. Users are expected to learn each lesson to acquire the gift of Amamiihe, which means Wisdom or Knowledge in Igbo. With acquired knowledge, users can then proceed to play games to test his/her skills and earn points. Each game play ends with the acquisition of stars. 5 Stars are required in each to unlock special Gallery items. These Gallery items represent different Igbo cultural symbols and information to further deepen users’ knowledge about Igbo Culture.


The updated Igbo101 app offers users various benefits including:

  • Immersive and interactive learning via colorful graphics, text, voice and sounds
  • Performance indicators through the games
  • Share functionalities for adult beginners who use it
  • Fun and engaging learning experience

Give it a go, this free app is compatible with all devices!

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