Here’s our breakdown of what happened on Insecure Season 1, Episode 7, “Real as F—k”:

Molly and Issa go shopping for a dress for the We Got Y’all fundraiser. While trying on clothes, Issa says she’s tired of doing “dumb shit” and has a renewed effort when it comes to making her job and her relationship with Lawrence work.

The next day, Lawrence is awake in bed and anxious about his impending interview. While Issa says he’ll do just fine, she offers up a little something extra (in the form of a blow job) to put his mind at ease.

Later that day, Molly and several co-workers head back from lunch when she bumps into an old friend, Crystal. As the two recall Crystal’s “messy” ways, Crystals says it’s all behind her now that she’s been in therapy to help steer her on the right track. Though Molly is taken aback by the admission, Crystal says she’s not embarrassed by it as it’s made her a more centered person.

Meanwhile, Lawrence blows away the employers with his brilliant ideas at his interview and they hire him on the spot with perks. When he and Issa revel in the news at home, he admits to feeling re-inspired to work on his old app, which far exceeded the capabilities of this already established company. Because of this, he tells Issa that he’s wondering if he should reject the job offer and continue working on his failed app.

Issa, visibly displeased by the thought, tells Lawrence to consider everything he’d be giving up — and reverting back to — if he doesn’t move forward with the job. Lawrence seemingly agrees with Issa, who then encourages him to work on his own app at nights.

While organizing the venue for the fundraiser, Issa is met with asinine questions from her co-workers about the neighborhood. After clapping back at her co-workers in her mind, Issa does her best to brush it off, even exerting her authority over those who would stand to question her judgment when necessary.

Molly drops by to lend a hand in the midst of the preparations for the fundraiser. While chatting, she tells Issa of her encounter with Crystal and speaks of Crystal’s new life due to therapy. At first, Issa laughs at Crystal being in therapy but then vaguely suggests Molly talk to a professional as well following her failed relationships with Jared and Chris. Noticing she’s insulted her friend, Issa turns her suggestion into a joke about her being wrong as usual.

The fundraiser is in full swing and the We Got Y’all kids arrive, completely stunned the venue is a home owned by a black family in a neighbor only 10 minutes away from their own. Issa spots her core friends (Kelli, Tiffany, etc.) who shower her with compliments at donations. As she thanks them all for their support, Molly complains about the lack of bartenders and good looking men. When Issa tries to check Molly about her whining, Lawrence shows up. He walks over to the group and reveals he’s landed a cool new job and they all congratulate him.

Just then, Issa is pulled away by her boss to meet a potential donor when she spots Daniel at the party. Both she and Molly share a glance, and Molly takes a cue to run interference. Catching up to Daniel, Molly questions him about his appearance, and when he mentions he was invited to “help the kids,” she insists he keeps his focus solely on the children. They share a knowing look and Daniel walks away from her.

Molly meets with Issa and relays Daniel’s intent is one of supporting the non-profit. However, Issa is still dissatisfied with him being there and confronts Daniel on her own. In telling him he needs to leave, Daniel is appalled with her ignoring him for over three weeks and then kicking him out of the function. Issa responds she was wrong for not speaking to him, however, their hookup was a mistake, she was confused, and he knew she was involved. Upset she’d blame him for the incident, Daniel questions why she’d treat him the way she did and Issa coldly says he was an itch she needed to scratch.

Unbeknownst to Issa, Lawrence has been looking on at the conversation from the pool deck below.

The fundraiser is going strong and Issa recounts her convo with Daniel to Molly. Both are pleased with the averted crisis when the kids’ teacher, Justin, comes over to chat with Molly. Molly cooly dismisses Justin and then tells Issa he was trying too hard. Before Issa can say anything, Molly walks off.

As Daniel waits for the valet to return with his car, Lawrence approaches him and asks about his connection to We Got Y’all. Daniel says he doesn’t “have one anymore,” before jumping into his car and driving away.

Issa goes in search of Molly and finds her drinking by the caterers. When Issa presses her friend about her coldness, she says she’s upset Issa would even suggest she needed therapy — especially when she doesn’t even have her own life together. Issa comments that she knows when she’s wrong, but Molly is unable to see she’s impossible to please and pushes men away. Molly, completely enraged, tells Issa she stood by while her friend complained about her job, her boyfriend, and has sex with another man and goes so far as to say Issa doesn’t deserve a man like Lawrence. That’s when Issa tells Molly she’s really mad that she’s able to actually keep a man. Molly curses at Issa and leaves the party.

The party winds down with Lawrence returning to Issa, claiming he needed to step out for air. He asks for Molly, and Issa says she left. Though clearly bothered, Issa puts up a good face as the children of We Got Y’all thank her for all of her hard work.

That evening, Molly finds herself on Jared’s doorstep and tries to find a way to apologize for her actions, however, everything she says seems to suggest she should’ve settled or been open to someone not on her level. She gets flustered when trying to find the right words, but Jared ultimately tells her he’s “tired” and shuts the door in her face.

At the venue, Issa’s boss tells her she’s glad to see her finally invested in her job and congratulates her. After heading home to celebrate, Issa is met by Lawrence asking her “who is Daniel?” Though she only describes him as a guy from high school who helped out with career day, Lawrence boldly asks if she slept with him. Issa doesn’t know how to answer the question and her silence is enough for him to blow up.

Issa tells Lawrence it was a mistake, and he expresses he feels even more betrayed “over a mistake.” Issa tries to apologize and begs him to stay, but Lawrence tells her he needs to leave and heads out into the night, leaving Issa crying at the door.

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