Transformations and team-ups are at the core of this issue of Metal.  The hope is that a large enough concentration of the ore will prevent Barbatos from destroying Earth.  Metal has been existing in a framework of deep mysteries and connections, but what stood out to me in this issue were the connections between characters. Snyder excels in character-to-character dialogue and each of the transitions in this story moves the plot along with emotional depth.

Bruce and Clark move out of the traps of the Dark Multiverse thanks to an intervention by Dream. Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate and Kendra are battling at the Rock of Eternity, Hal has an intergalactic moment on Thanagar Prime with Mister Terrific and meets a fan favorite villain. We also check in with Aquaman and Deathstroke on the edges of Atlantis. Kendra has been one of my favorite characters in this series. Though her independent streak triggers a transformation that may impede the group’s goals, it also adds a layer of depth to her story overall. Like every issue the art in this issue is fantastic. The use of shadow and darkness make the reading experience very immersive. This issue ends with another dark reveal that leaves you speculating and waiting impatiently for issue five.

About the Author: Kai Charles is a medical professional, Jedi hopeful, and independent book reviewer at Fiction State of Mind. You can also find her on Twitter at @yogikai tweeting about all things related to Books & Geek Culture

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