Segment 1: Jamie interviews New York Times best-selling author D. Watkins about his book The Cookup and what inspired him to leave the lifestyle of a drug kingpin to becoming one of the most popular authors in the publishing industry.

Hosted by: Jamie

Segment 2: Caron does a 1:1 with sex educator Dr. Andrea Pennington. Author of several books including the The Orgasm Prescription for Women.

Hosted by: Caron

Segment 3: Kayla and Jamie join a panel of women at the LGBTQ con for women called ClexaCon. On the panel, they discuss using the power of fandom for good and how social media platforms leverage community building. Moderated by Feliza Casano of Girls In Capes.

Featuring: Kayla and Jamie

Segment 3 edited by: MR Daniel
Segments 1 & 2 and overall mixing by: Jamie Broadnax

Music by: Sammus
Ad music by: Purple Planet

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