A Kickstarter campaign kicked off recently for a bold new line of cosmetics aimed at women in the geeky community, bringing a welcome relief to an otherwise male-dominated sphere.

The line, Heroine Cosmetics, embodies the idea that women can be geeky and feminine without having to sacrifice one for the other; instead of waiting around for a hero to come along, women should be one themselves. With this idea, Heroine Cosmetics seeks to challenge the traditional paradigm of the ‘damsel in distress’, and allow women in the geeky community to look the way they feel- empowered, emboldened, and ready to save the day.

“If there’s one thing I believe, it’s that you should be your own hero,” says Ms. Cliff, “and it’s my goal to help women feel like as much of a superhero on the outside as they do on the inside.”

Those who are interested are encouraged to visit the Heroine Cosmetics’ Kickstarter Campaign website at http://kck.st/1BPJxoz for more information on its products and services.

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