100509000650ralph_macchio_1Ok, let’s just get this over with – I love Ralph Macchio. He can do no wrong in my book – none. The Karate Kid trilogy, Teachers, My Cousin Vinny….and the ultimate The Outsiders (Even after 32 years, I still cry every time Johnny dies – it’s an ugly cry, too). His movies were the movies I grew up with. His posters were the posters that decorated my bedroom walls even into my college years. Well, before my mother decided to redo my room over one semester by putting the posters away and repainting. That “surprise” had me crying on the street when I came home for Spring Break. *shudder*

So, now that you know that Ralph is my pretend husband, you will not be surprised to know that I absolutely love The Karate Kid (1-3 – I refuse to acknowledge 4 and the “new” one). It’s a story of a young man who, after moving from the East Coast to Los Angeles, grows into his own and becomes a hero for bullied kids everywhere. It’s got everything The-karate-Kid-movie-image-52– the popular girl (Elizabeth Shue as Ali “with an I”) who isn’t interested in playing games, the evil bullies who also happen to be karate experts, and great 80’s synthesized music. But, let me be honest, with pedophiles in the headlines more and more today, you tend to wonder about Mr. Miyagi taking such an interest and how Danny’s mom didn’t question what was happening.

All cringing aside, the sensei’s interest in Danny is what helped him overcome his self-doubt….or was it catching the fly with chop sticks? Actually, who does that?! I can’t even eat with chopsticks – I blame it on being left-handed. But, trust me, Karate Kid is the reason why I try to use them every once in a while…try being the key word. Who doesn’t use “Wax On, Wax Off” as a mantra while painting? And, Myagi’s life-saving move of making heat by rubbing your hands together….I still use that to this day and it works, no lie. This is just some of the stuff The Karate Kid taught us throughout the years.

The acting in this movie is classic 80s teen flick horrific – William Zabka as Johnny has to be one of my favorite childhood monsters. Even after all these years I can’t see Martin Kove (Kreese) without yelling out “Sweep the leg, Johnny!” Also, keep an eye out for some of the usual suspects of 80s teen flicks to be making appearances throughout the movie.

And, always remember, when it looks like the end is near – just do the Crane.

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