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Friday, January 3, 2014


Waking Up and Turning Immediately to Our Cell Phones

It’s bad. Really bad. Imagine it’s 9:30 on a Saturday morning. Your alarm goes off or something just wakes you up. Your eyes open for a few seconds then they close again. You stir a little, then your move your hand to your bedside table.

Disappointed, you move your hand underneath your pillow. Discouraged you pat your sheets, searching. Annoyed you sit up. Look at the floor around your bed. Unlucky you hang off your bed, looking underneath. Then finally, you spot it on the other side of your bed. Your phone. It’s there. Your panicky heart begins to slow. You grab your phone and slump back on your pillows. After unlocking your phone, you respond to texts, emails, scroll through Instagram, and look at your to-do lists. Seconds later, you realize that it is Saturday and you get even more comfortable in your bed. Soon, you realize it’s 11 am. Yup, that makes sense, because you had to catch up on that show you missed last night. You get out of bed, continue with your morning routine, and head to fix breakfast. Subsequently, you settle down with your food and utensils then say grace. After finishing your amens, you pause, disappointed in yourself that this is the first time you’ve spoken to God since you went to sleep last night. Why the delay, you ask?

It’s because of your phone.

Why oh why is it so natural for us to turn to our phones as soon as we wake up? There are many answers to this question, but the fact that it had to be asked, is sad. Most times before we even open our eyes, pray to whatever higher power we worship, have our quiet time, meditate, do yoga, do our morning workout, eat, kiss our significant other, or whatever else we do, our phone is, once again, attached to our hands and situated in front of our faces. This outside world compacted and held behind a screen has pushed everyone and everything else aside, and consumed our eyes, ears, and hands before we can even see if it’s raining outside or realize what day it is.

Yes, we may be replying to and sending out important messages, but really, though can’t it and all of the mindless, self-involved scrolling wait until you communicate with God, yourself, and real people first? I am SO guilty of it too, and I don’t think we realize that it’s taking up our lives and affecting us more than we think. I will personally try to make it a point to put a book closer to my bed than my phone, and place my phone in a location where I have to fully get out of my bed to reach it. Maybe this will help with my addiction to my phone and maybe yours too. We are in the digital age, but isn’t it already bad enough that our phones have become an additional limb to our anatomies? Can’t we just wake up and connect with something other than our screens first?

Did you ever habitually turn to your phone immediately after waking up? Have you stopped? If so, share with us how you did it.

Republished with permission from EveJaneClair:

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  1. I've wondered about this regarding myself. I live alone, so when I get on my phone first thing in the morning it's actually to connect to real people on Facebook that I can't easily see every day, usually family and friends, so that's a good thing, but your point about talking to God (I am a religious person) is a good one that I feel I personally need to work on, for my spiritual health.

    But I do think that as long as the phone remains a tool of communication (whether we're actually talking on it, texting, or using social media), it's not something to be overly worried about as long as it's not interfering with real-life relationships. Some of us are just more introverted, and it's one more tool in our ability to connect (or read something, or recharge from connecting with people with games, etc.).

  2.'s a real problem. but i can't stop lol. i think it's the constant need to stay connected. i swear if we could answer emails in our sleep we would lol.

  3. I have this issue with my iPad, but to my credit I've often been reading a book from it the night before. The time sucking factor is legit, though...what can start as a legitimate check on a work email can spiral into tumblr et al. I do agree that the facebook checking (and personal emails) is, in fact, connecting with people, though. There's a fun in seeing everyone's day starting across the spectrum of time zones as well.

  4. Interesting post. Well, I'm here to confirm that we're all human. "Tell me something I don't know". Ok.

    For 2/3 of Americans, their smartphone is the last thing they look @ before going bed, and the 1st thing when waking from sleep. (Stats, page 12: And those #s are pretty much going up by the day. The sales of devices are there to prove it. Have you looked @ your local bus stop in the AM?

    With that being said, the internet and it's content are being designed more and more to allow for it's consumption by these devices: eCommerce, the news, books, an even blogs are getting responsive (or on the Blogger like platform - like BGN - that have a mobile layout built in). And that's it - the content. They're sending TV signals, we're watching movies, youtube, all on the hand held.

    But then, the handheld has also allowed human behaviour to take centre stage. Vanity and curiosity has trumped all. This is the new generation, a society of Selfies - from pre schoolers to politicians. We want to see it all. And i find it interesting that BGN would bemoan this comportment, when on this very page, we're encouraged to look at Pretty Black Girls In Glasses. lol.

    The real problem is not viewing the content, the issue is sharing and privacy. No one cares any longer, and just wants to see their pretty face get all the likes possible.