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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Thank You BGN Contributors, Partners, & Podcasters

I want to take a moment to extend a Thank You to everyone who has helped build and expand the Black Girl Nerds community.  I birthed the idea of creating this community, however each of you have allowed it to expand and grow and if it were not for your editorial content, suggestions, and podcasting support this community would not be in the space that it is today.

BGN truly is and will always be a community.  I cannot do this alone, and it is because of the magnificent and talented people that represent this site that we are truly building a Blerd Empire!

I want to first thank the regular contributors of BGN who create weekly pieces and put forth a great deal of effort to sustain the blogsite:

Special kudos to Ashlee Blackwell.  Ashlee is the copy editor for BGN and is also a contributing writer.  She has also co-hosted several podcasts and she is the hardest working member of the BGN blogsite and community.  We have also formulated partnerships with various bloggers and media conglomerates that have expedited our growth to which we are incredibly thankful.  I am very grateful to have you be a part of this space!

Here is a list of contributing writers and podcast hosts of BGN:

Terra Cooke
Brittany Logan
Shanna Evans
Latanya Barrett
Grace Gipson
Shelly Ellis
Renae Lynn
Angelique Roche

Podcast co-hosts:

Chaka Cumberbatch
Ramon Benitez
Rafael Martinez
Jonathan Stone
Geek Soul Brother
Jamila from Girl Gone Geek
Tatiana Christian
Nicole (aka Chuynodol)
Uncool Aaron
Marylin Oduenyi
Denzel (aka Chivalrous Nerd)
Rachel Brody
Jayson Bellinger
Cynthia Lanel

Contributing Writers:

Reagan Jackson
Resident cosplay writer Marjie Southerland
Faye McCray
Resident music writer Kristin St. John
Candice Frederick
Chantell Monique
ReBecca Theodore-Vachon
Uncredited Rewrite
Shane Thomas
Twila Dang
Amaya Radjani
Resident K-Pop writer Amour Prioleau
Nikki Lajoy
Terisa Thurman
Gabriella Ballard
Maia Morgan
Jenn Jackson
Arielle Newton
Greg Hanks
Yvonne Tam Solomon
Lauren Harris
Dave Sidhu
Jordan Hickman
Connie (@constar24)


SheThrives Network
UrbanSoul Radio
Eve Jane Clair
Roundtable Media LLC
Afro Girl Talks
Blerdbook Club
Graveyard Shift Sisters
Cinema In Noir

Product Partners:

I Love Mi-Me
Natural Girls United
Smirnoff Hub

Thank you to all of the supporters who have purchased items in our Zazzle and BGN stores!

Thank you to all of our loyal listeners who support the #BGNPodcast!

Thank you to all of the Twitter followers who make social media convos so much more fun!

Thank you everyone!  If I missed you...and I know I probably have, please contact me and let me know!

Huggz and Luvz to everyone!
Jamie Broadnax