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Monday, September 16, 2013


Twerk Police

And I missed this?!

This first thing has nothing to do with twerking. But if you enjoy Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco, then do whatever you have to see them in concert. They're amazing. And Brendon Urie can sing me out of every pair of panties I have. Now. For the real reason I'm writing this.

Oh, twerking. You continue to plague me. Granted, I can't twerk. If I could, my boyfriend would probably be a lot happier with me. But I can't. So I'll keep practicing at home. But that's not why I'm writing this either!

I was sitting at lunch the other day and for once in the cafeteria, minding my own business. When who pops on the TV? Miley Cyrus of course. What are they talking about? The VMAs of course. Two gentlemen look up and proceed to talk about how they'd do XYZ, ABC to their
daughters if they caught or found out they were twerking. A mother made her daughter stand on the sidewalk close to a busy street holding a sign saying how she was kicked out of the school dance for twerking. I can't lie. It made me laugh. Last week I read an article of a mother slut-shaming girls for twerking and posting "seductive" photos to entice her sons. Really? Come the fuck on. Here's my question: Why are the girls the only ones catching flack for this?

Why is it perfectly acceptable for a boy to get twerked on, or danced on in general, but the girl is in the wrong? Why is it cool for gay men to twerk their ass off (WORK IT by the way) but Lord forbid I do it! I'm sick of the double standard. I'm not saying a 14 year old should be shaking it or exposing it for everyone in the world to see. My dad would beat me black and blue if he caught me dancing publicly sugesstively when I was that age. However, I feel like these girls are being beat up when they're doing exactly what our parents were doing (we know the songs) and are partially being "taught" to be ashamed of themselves and their bodies. Hell, twerking has been going on since the beginning of time.

My. Childhood.

There's no reason for any woman or girl to be ashamed of their bodies or sexuality. I personally practice a strip tease everyday in my car since I'm re-learning my own sexuality. Someone needs to step in and remind the world and these young ladies that it is not a curse for having boobs and a vagina. There are better ways to carry yourself besides twerking or duck face pictures but even if you are doing all that, you're not a slut, whore, or whatever other derogatory name being used.

Maybe I'm just naive because I don't have any children. I just don't see any good coming out of this if they continue to get bashed and beat up from the media. Parents, step in and TALK to your kids. I know the media does have an influence and your child will ultimately do what they want but if you plant the right seed and know you did all you could, then you should be able to send your child out with a little less fear.

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