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Saturday, September 14, 2013


For Brown Girls, My BrownBox & I Love Mi-Me

On Sunday September 15th at 7pm EST the Black Girl Nerds podcast will have guests from For Brown Girls, My BrownBox, and I Love Mi-Me to discuss cosmetics and skin care!

Karyn Washington from For Brown Girls

Karyn is a 21 year old junior majoring in Public Relations at Morgan State University. Karyn currently interns for Zoe Damacela Apparel as a social media intern and for MyBrownBox as a PR Intern while running and maintaining her own initiative as well. She is the founder of For Brown Girls, a project created to encourage girls and women by celebrating the beauty of dark skin, combatting colorism and promoting self love. Karyn believes that when you are truly accepting of who you are from the inside out, you are then able to uplift others and embrace your true purpose in life.

Brittney Marshall from My BrownBox:

Brittney Marshall is the 20 something CEO & Founder of My BrownBox, an online platform dedicated to helping women of color discover products that complement their natural beauty & lifestyle. Brittney graduated from Michigan State University in 2011, where she earned her BA in Advertising. Two years after graduating from MSU, Brittney put her passion for branding and marketing to action by launching her own company. Upon the launch of My BrownBox subscriptions sold out in less than thirty minutes, positioning My BrownBox as the #1 Subscription beauty & lifestyle service for women of color.

Gil & Liz from I Love Mi-Me

Mi-Me is a handmade bath & body company based in Memphis, TN & Miami, FL. Founded by friends Gil & Liz, Mi-Me came about as a result of our desire to create affordable, luxurious bath and body products made with natural ingredients you can actually pronounce. The Mi-Me Crew's commitment to excellence propels us to lovingly measure each raw ingredient, mix them by hand, and then test them to ensure that each Mi-Me product meets our standards for your body. Our goal and promise is to continue to provide every Mi-Me customer with luxurious, affordable, and Cruelty Free products you’re proud to use, share, recommend to others, and that do wonders for your skin, hair, face, and body.


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