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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


BGN Girl: Bibi Bellatrixx

Bibi Bellatrixx [born 16 October 1989, London England] is a contemporary multi-instrumentalist and singer, born to Nigerian parents and was raised in Hackney. She cites her fathers interest in jazz music as her strongest musical influence. She began playing music at age 6, with the piano being her first instrument. She started playing guitar at 15 when she took a strong interest in rock and blues music. She then went on to complete a course in Music Practice in 2008. In 2009, Bibi joined Queens of Sheba, an all black, all female rock band. After the release of their single 'Little Brown Eyes', the band disbanded. Bibi then took a break from music to concentrate on growing her fashion label Bellatrixx Capella, making couture latex pieces for women. Bibi began recording her first self produced album B-Side in 2012, releasing the first single off the album ‘No Place To Call’, in the summer of 2013.

‘No Place to Call’ is a guitar driven pop gem with breathy, intimate vocals drawing you into Bibi’s dark dark space… She creates a melting pot of folk, blues, rock n roll and jazz but the main flavour that leaves a lasting taste in your mouth is the ferocious delicacy of the way she tells her story, introducing you to the intimate sound of a survivor.

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  1. oh my wow! I'm from Hackney too! I'll definitely check her out!