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Creator Kristen Nedopak shines a light on underrated artists
The Oscars have been an age old tradition in Hollywood that quite frankly may be showing its age.  While Sci-Fi and fantasy hold a special place in the heart of geeks everywhere the Academy can’t quite seem to recognize the magnitude of its storylines as Oscar gold. 
Question:  What was the first Sci-Fi movie to win Best Picture?
…There is no answer because the world is still waiting for that to happen.
(At this year’s Oscars ARGO won Best Picture which is a movie based on a true story about the U.S. Government using the appeal of Sci-Fi films in a crisis situation.)
It’s not hard to imagine how Sci-Fi filmmakers and furthermore overall geek related productions could feel slighted.  However, this August The First Annual Geekie Awards will attempt to create an impact on mainstream media, as they award the best indie created, high production value, awe inspiring geek–genre content.  Plus, Stan Lee is scheduled to appear as he will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Geekie Awards Creator Kristen Nedopak is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film Producer as well as Actress, Host and Geek who arrived at the idea because she felt discouraged.
Kristen Nedopak:  “I was frustrated that I couldn’t get awards from my stuff outside of maybe Best Costume Design because that’s what the world thinks about it… It’s Geeky, it’s fun, it’s entertaining, that’s it; well, no…  We have amazing stories in comic books, video games have story; characters all of these things that we see at the academy awards are definitely in our Geek work but it’s not taken seriously so I thought to create an awards show specifically for Geeks.  No non-geeks allowed.”
Geekie Awards Categories include Short Films, Web Series, podcasts and also categories such as Toys & Games, Crowdfunded Geek and Arts and Crafts among others.  Again, this is the best of the best so expect to be entertained and potentially enlightened by originality. 
Kristen Nedopak:  “We want to celebrate the independent artist yet the world doesn’t know about them yet because they are not making 500 Million Dollar movies.”

If you are or will be in the L.A. area Sunday, August 18, tickets are on-sale now.  Use code: TGA2013 until next Friday to get 50% off.  If you can’t make it to the event watch as it is streamed live online at 


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  2. This young woman, Kristen Nedopak that is, is headed for greatness. Her ability to create and put into motion, what she dreams up in her head is phenomenal. Costumes, parties, events like The Geekie Awards, and so much more is very awe inspiring. I wish her and her fellow geekies all the best.

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