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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Women Are Gamechangers

Women Are Gamechangers shows financially conscious, women entrepreneurs how to make connections to build long lasting business relationships by attending online and offline events. Many women entrepreneur start ups need guidance on which direction to take as far as knowledge to absorb to help them get started. Women Are Gamechangers educates them on where to invest their money when it comes to educating themselves on running their business as well as where to find their ideal connections specifically for their business.

Ms. Gamechanger Knows… It is a new series coming summer 2013 on the Urban Houston Network. The focus of the series is to bring awareness to Houstonians about 20 to 30 something year old women entrepreneurs based in the city. This show was created to showcase the best and brightest of Houston’s young African American women entrepreneurs who may not otherwise be known to the people who live in the area. The first season will air 6 episodes. The focal point of the first season will be to interview young African American women entrepreneurs with a national and international audience. This platform was created to give them an opportunity to tell their entrepreneurial journey as well as spotlight their business products and services.


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