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Friday, May 3, 2013


Short Indie Film: 'Premature' W/ link to film

One thing I love the most about movies are the independent films. I fell in love with them while in high school and I make it my business to watch as many as I can on different subject matters. Indie films are mostly raw in your face type of action/with strong emotions behind them. So today I want to review and share a short indie film by the title 'Premature' starring Zora Howard (Young NYC poet who is also a member of The Strivers on her coming soon) directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green. 

This film is basically about a young teenage girl who gets pregnant and is face with a big decision.
I have included a link to the film, its about 15mins long. Even though its short in my eyes I see it as it was long enough to get the message across, it was powerful yet relatable.

Watch short film 'Premature' here


  1. I luv Indie films as well, sadly I don't see enough Blacks supporting it. I mean you can be 3 Black people in a line up of a 50 people or something. I luv film festivals. Also disappointed by the lack of film by Blacks as well. The ASian and Europeans dominate almost everything.