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Friday, May 17, 2013


5 MORE Types of Nerdy Girls (Yet Again)

The Political Junkie– She is obsessed with all things related to politics. She spent her entire summer last year working on the President’s re-election campaign and she loves to volunteer for various grassroots organizations in her city. She spends her morning weekends with a cup of coffee watching Melissa Harris-Perry and her weekday evenings relaxing with a glass of wine to Rachel Maddow. Occasionally she goes on political rants about various partisan issues and her biggest pet peeves are individuals who dismiss their civil right to vote.

Likes: Liberal Politics

Dislikes: Anti-Progressives

The Coder – This saavy computer programmer loves spending hours writing code in her one bedroom condo. She’s a problem solver and loves to invent her own concepts and ideas rather than relying on others to figure it out for her. She loves to socially network and is very much of an extrovert via social media, but in real life she’s an introvert at best. She prefers to look at life from an analytical perspective and is all about the details.

Likes: Productivity

Dislikes: Ineptitude

The Film Geek – She spends most of her savings traveling across country to attend the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals. She took on an extra job last summer to attend the Cannes Film Festival in France. She’s the first one to attend the premiere of a new film and the last one to leave the theater after the credits have rolled. She can recite nearly any scene from almost every film ever made, and she always manages to kick your ass in the game Scene It?

Likes: Alfred Hitchcock films

Dislikes: Kate Hudson movies

The Cosplayer  – She’s made a career out of cosplaying. Several weeks out of the year she goes on road trips with friends to travel to various comic-cons dressed as her favorite superheroine or cartoon character. She prefers making her own costumes since she is a fashionista at heart. Her Instagram account has over 10,000 followers and she’s created a large social media presence as a result of her various photos in the act of cosplay. She likes to switch it up and keeps everyone on their toes. One day she may cosplay as a medieval seductress and the next day she will arrive dressed as Darth Vader.

Likes: Steampunk

Dislikes: Trekkie costumes

The AfroPunk – She’s a fan of punk and metal music and proud of it! You can see her at a Straight Line Stitch concert or wearing a Megadeth T-shirt while hanging out with friends at an underground spot in the East Village. She loves her tats and colors her hair to match her fingernail polish quite frequently. She’s a community organizer for the Brooklyn-based Afro Punk festival and is also a self-taught guitarist.

Likes: Metal

Dislikes: Conformity


  1. Slam Poet Afro-Feminist NerdMay 17, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    More and more and more. I love the ever broader catagories, the multiplicity of who we can be...

  2. I don't get the Political Junkie one. I know several conservative or moderate, black, female political junkies. Definitely not me, but still.

  3. Not all nerds are liberals, moderates, nor conservatives. Had to pick one...decided to go with the nerds I know best :-)

  4. Great list. What about The Historian, The Literature Nerd, or the Random Facts Nerd Girl?

    I happen to be all three rolled into one :-)