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Friday, March 1, 2013


So This Is What An "African Queen" Looks Like?

Ok BGN's so I know the fashion and modeling industry is highly competitive and fierce, but is the modeling industry getting lazy or just not caring?

French magazine Numero has come under quite a bit of fire after the March issue was released featuring a white U.S. model (Ondria Hardin) in darkened skin with the spread titled, "African Queen" (see above). At first glance I must admit I was pretty ecstatic to hear that the magazine would be showcasing an editorial portraying an African Queen, but I would quickly learn nope not the case....Unfortunately, I am not surprised with this situation as this is not the first time this has taken place in the model world (remember 2009 Vogue issue).

To make the situation worse a blog on Jezebel (a site that focuses on women's issues primarily) would ask the following questions: "Maybe it's because the magazine just couldn't find a black model? Maybe there are none, and it's just not a profession that appeals to anyone young, tall, skinny, white girls? They're probably the ones who enjoy traveling around the world and getting paid tons of money to be pretty?"

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! To even ask the first question is quite problematic!! I mean does Naomi Campbell, Alek Wek, Jourdan Dunn, or Jessica White not exist?!! (And these are just some of the well-known ones.) Also at least one of the women mentioned is actually African. When it is all said and done the impression that I get from the magazine is why hire a black model when we can just paint one? It is bad enough that women of color have had to fight their way into the modeling industry, but now it's just at a point where it is being made clear that Black women models are not really needed...AT ALL...period. I am lead to ask the following questions, How is black beauty defined? Who defines Black beauty?

And of course the magazine would release a statement apologizing for any offense, but would strongly deny any racism or racial insensitivity. Well...if they had of just hired a Black model from the jump no apology would have been needed...smh. Clearly there is a blatant disrespect for Black women models, and it just proves that the battle is far from over.

BGN's what are your thoughts?

BGN Contributor: Grace (GBreezy)


  1. Weird, considering French (and Italian) fashion houses were the first ones to use Black models in their shows and advertising in the late 1950s-early '60s!

  2. Please tell me you know Jezebel is humorous and sarcastic?