Totally Biased Indeed.

Being so close to New York City, I have had the chance to partake in audiences for a number of different national television shows. It can be a fun experience but sometimes you’re asked to have loads of patience. You’re asked to sit and watch the same scene or dialog over and over, and other times it’s a whole lot of waiting in a room with a bunch of strangers. 
Last week, I had the honor of attending a recording of Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. I went to the January 24th recording. It was probably one of the most fun recordings I have ever been to. It took place the Thursday after the inauguration so there were lots of funny historic moments to be discussed. 
Kamau attended the inauguration this time around. He spoke of how people that went to the first Obama inauguration mentioned the second was a lot more sober and subdued. Kamau wanted to recapture the magic that took place during the first inauguration (so his daughter would be proud) and had a few people help him along the way. 

There was a ton of great stories, jokes, history lessons, nerdness, drags queens, and GEORGE FREAKIN’ TAKEI! George was definitely a very pleasant and uplifting surprise. I am under the personal belief that Kamau is a mastermind of brilliance because I think the only reason why he has this show is to meet nerd legends. It’s a pretty fantastic gig. Kamau also had the honor of teaching George what a “Blerd” is. It was one of those magical television moments indeed.

Yes, you are definitely loved by ALL George! George is an actor, sci-fi icon, activist, and the king of social media at the fantastic age of 75 What I am saying is, I basically want to be George Takei when I grow up. 

I am happy this show is a thing. It seems like more and more “nerd” culture is becoming the norm and honestly, I love it. I’ve always been the “eclectic brown friend” that was into “nerdy” things and it’s great to see more of us coming out of the woodwork and making our marks.

The tapping experience of Totally Biased was a complete dream in comparison to other national shows. There were tons of great vibes, laughter, and people. Definitely worth it if you’re able to be a part of the audience (and maybe someday some of us will be guests). Check out Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, Thursday evenings at 11PM on FX!

Live long and prosper,

Latanya Rene 

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  1. I love Totally Biased simply because Kamau isn’t afraid to
    say what lots of people are thinking. His take on the Inauguration was hilarious and he can always make a serious event into something laced with humor. My DISH co-worker says that his guests have an interesting view of the world and the skits are always first class. I’ve already got my DISH Hopper set to record the show next week and the fantastic part is that while everyone else is watching their shows, I can watch what I want to watch. The Hopper gives my family the opportunity to watch up to six shows at the same time.

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  2. Awesome! I love it too. I was just informed that I have tickets for the show this week and haven’t decided if I should go or not because I have to prepare for a trip I am taking across the country. :) I might go because I had such a great experience when I went the first time.

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