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Monday, February 25, 2013


Honest to Blog: Quvenzhané Wallis

( I haven't written in a while, had to get this off of my chest, and I hope I'm not the only one outraged.)

 I am so angry right now, with people. People in general, who don't see that there is an issue, with calling a 9 year old girl out of her name. She is 9 years old, She is a child, she deserves love, affection and respect. The onion, a "satirical" website, decided to tweet about Quevenzhane, on Oscar night.

"Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a c--t, right? #Oscars2013."

How is that funny? How is taking a 9 year old girl. who is experiencing something for the first time, obviously something that she enjoys doing, why would you take that away from her? I scoured the net, looking for people who were just as outraged as I. The comments I found only fueled my fire. A big part of this, is just the fact that people are cruel.

She's a nine year old African American Little Girl, She did an amazing job in a movie, she's in a pretty dress on television, and there isn't anything wrong with her, lets ruin that for her. Honestly, What is your thought process? How in the world do you think its ok, to write that about her?

A big part of the comments are half and half. Half are saying, oh its a total joke, people need to calm down, and the other half, Which it pains me to write, a lot of them are extremely racist. "They used the wrong word? They should have replaced it with  "n-g--r"? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? 
People are so QUICK to say its 2013! Racism doesn't exist anymore. BullSHIT!

I wonder if anyone noticed all the negative attention surrounding the character in Hunger Games? If not please feel free to revert to this article, which couldn't word it any better.

Things need to change, and they need to change now. Who ever wrote the tweet, should apologize, not just delete the tweet. If you put it on the internet, and then delete it, it doesn't go anyway. It doesn't just disappear, you defamed a child, and you should pay.

All the people who don't think its a "big deal" should sit down in a dark room by themselves and think about how horrible a person they are.

To all the people who "defend" the comment, by saying, the girl needs to be taken down a few pegs, she was too confident? She's NINE years old, and Had enough confidence to do what she did, DO NOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HER. You go anywhere, and hear people talk about any girl who isn't of "color" and its all about giving girls the confidence they need to succeed,  helping girls with body issues, helping girls know their worth, and NOW because a Girl of COLOR knows her worth, and has SELF-CONFIDENCE, Suddenly its an issue? Suddenly because The Black girl knows that she deserves better than what people have been feeding "us" for YEARS, she needs to be knocked back into her place?

How dare you? How do those people live with themselves? I'm going to finish this, otherwise, I'll be writing for years, but I have this to say.

Whoever wrote that tweet should be punished. If you don't see this as being a racist issue, not only are you an idiot you are fucking blind. Because not only have you missed, that we are here to stay, but you have missed the fact, that We are strong, and resillient, you did not give us any liberties, and you damn sure don't deserve the power to take them away. We will rise and we will be respected, and if you can't get with that program then get out of the damn way, because we're moving forward, and anything in our way will be promptly removed.

Good Day,

Gabriella E. M. Ballard

PLEASE! Join me in Boycotting that pathetic excuse of a satire website.

Go to to demand an apology from The Onion for their irresponsible behavior.


  1. Couldn't agree more. I posted my response shortly after it happened and I actually got a screenshot of the tweet because I knew it would eventually be taken down. It's ridiculous. Bottom line: she's 9. Oh and last night I found some other publication that was so sickening in their "reporting" of this with a very special N word that rhymes with piglet. I was appalled. It scares me and upsets me because I have a little black girl and the last thing I want is for this world to still be doing this as she grows up. Shameful.

  2. Wow! This really doesn't leave room for anyone with a different opinion! Is it possible that other people might feel differently and NOT be racist jerks? #justwondering

  3. Fine, take race out it. You still have an adult calling a child a terrible name. Is internet bullying still ok?

  4. Kat I respectfully disagree. As someone who has read a myraid of books, journals, and have done research on the historical cultures of black women, there is an underlying racial thread with this issue. Unfortunately, these ideas and concepts are embedded so deep that it some social circles, the racial element to this is often overlooked. However, if you are intuitive to what has happened with degradation of black women's body parts and genitalia in the past, it is easier to understand why this is a racist issue along with it being a gender issue. We can agree to disagree whether there was racial intent behind the tweet, but the problem is that they felt confident enough to say this about a 9 year old little black girl. I also believe the fact that The Onion has not made any attempt to apologize speaks volumes. It says to us, that this kind of behavior and attitude is okay, and second it says that if you are a black female, you have no right to stand up for a cause because you will not be heard. We will mute you and dismiss you, because you have no value to us. That is my issue with this and I refuse to ignore and pretend like this is just a 'satirical oversight'. That's the problem, we don't address these issues, we simply put them to bed. I hope The Onion apologizes and takes full accountability for their disgusting behavior and perhaps they can work to enhance and empower our community rather than to continue to diminish and destroy what we are trying to build.

  5. Preach sistah. Tell it! I am so sick of people trying to piss on our parade. We have a right to be black, female, and fabulous at whatever age. When Audrey Lord said self care was an act of political warfare...this is the kind of shit she was talking about. Damn, I mean unless you're Beyonce, you're not supposed to shine bright like a diamond? Boo to that. And moreover nobody should be saying anything like that to ANY child of any creed, color or whatever. This how women get to be 30 and don't know who they are or have any self confidence. Not cool.

  6. Hell YES! I totally agree with this blog post!

  7. Yes to all of these comments. I just tweeted my thoughts ...

    @SimplyDivaland: Our society worships the dollar by any means necessary. Insincere apologies aside, the way to affect change: HIT THEM IN THE WALLET.

  8. I still contend that if folks were calling the Olsen twins or Suri Cruise any of these types of names, the world would be outraged and people would be fired. The idea that brown babies don't warrant that same fierce love and protection as others makes me want to do it even stronger.

  9. You are right, I don't really leave room for anyone with a different opinion. But this post is about MY feelings. My HONEST opinion. Theres plenty of space, for people's opinion in the comments though right?