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Monday, January 7, 2013


Who Says Comic Books are just a 'Guy Thing'?

As I was watching a rerun of 'Sex and the City' on tv today I heard Carrie make a statement that superheroes are just a guy thing, and right at that moment I had to take a pause. And then the question was immediately put on the table...Who Says Comic Books are just a 'Guy Thing'?

So I had to go into my comic book crates and whip up something to prove this statement wrong. With the rise of popularity with regards to comic books in tv and film (primarily male characters), I felt it necessary that the Black superheroine needed to be recognized.   

So I put together a collage of various Black female superheroes and a Black female comic book artist (Afua Richardson). This is just a few women who have graced the comic book covers, and trust me there are many, many more!!

Who says Storm has to stand alone? 

Featured Characters: first row l-r Monica Rambeau/Photon, Rocket, Crimson Avenger, Prodigy; second row l-r Shuri, Grace Gipson & artist Afua Richardson, Vixen; third row l-r Misty Knight, Character by Jamar Logan, Miranda Mercury, Storm; fourth row l-r Martha Washington, Michonne, The Red Line


  1. YAASSS!! Love this and video games too!! lol! =D

  2. They addressed this in the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, I was afraid it was going to end up bad but it was great and the girls got into it without noticing. Girl want superpowers too!

  3. I have always read comic books/manga and play video games. I don't believe it's a man thing. It can be depicted that way because of how the females are drawn (big boobs etc) but if you like it, nothing else matters.