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Monday, January 21, 2013



When the new year started I jointed down some of the things I really wanted to start doing and that I didnt have the time to before for different reasons. As of lately Ive been allowing my creative expression in certain parts of my life to really shine. Ive always been interested in old vintage looking things, especially picture and film. When ever I find myself flipping the tv stations I would literally stop channel suffering because some movie from the 50s, 60s, and 70s is on. I loved how the colors in vintage film and picture look, I like that old "battered" look lol. So which brings me to my point of this blog, the super 8 camera I'm in love with this thing now. One day I sat and looked up some really creative things people have done with this camera and I love it. I'm in the works of getting my own super 8 very soon, just to see what creative things I can do and then share my works with the bgn community :-).

Here are some videos Ive found and really enjoy, both shot using a super 8 camera.

(this video is by an artist called Torro y moi song called "still sound" and there will be a upcoming blog featuring this artist)


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