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Sunday, January 6, 2013


My New Kids Obsession

Last night I had a dream about Donnie Walhberg.  Don't ask me what the dream was about or what he was doing there, I just remember he was in it.  The odd thing was that I actually watched two Mark Wahlberg movies and a third movie which featured Joey McIntyre.  I guess somewhere within in the midst of watching late night movies and tweeting to fellow BGN's about our 80s/90s crushes (which included Donnie), my subconscious decided to fantasize about the bad boy of the New Kids on The Block.

I've always had a little thing for bad's my achilles heel.  I try hard to fight the urge to be attracted to the Donnie Wahlbergs of the world, but it's so hard to contend with it sometimes.  I'm actually listening to "Hanging Tough" right now as I'm writing this.  This particular single was more Donnie's than the rest of the band.

Okay...NERD ALERT.  When NKOTB first unleashed on the scene, my girlfriend and I (she was obsessed with Milli Vanilli) would actually spend hours watching concert videos of  the New Kids.  We had to alternate, because she had a video compilation of Milli Vanilli and would get mad whenever I didn't spend more time watching their we had to balance our obsessions out.  While her walls were plastered with the duo who made an art out of lip syncing, I had posters, buttons, comic books, video cassettes, T-shirts, Bop Magazine cover art photos, lunch box, and a sleeping bag with NKOTB paraphernalia.  I mean I was a full hard-core fan.  Oddly enough I never was able to attend any of their concerts.  We couldn't really afford it in my family, so I lived vicariously through lucky fans who did attend by watching video concerts and music videos on MTV.  Remember when MTV used to actually play music videos?

Does anyone remember the New Kids On The Block Saturday morning cartoon series?  I actually still have copies I recorded on video cassette.  I recorded every single episode, and watched it over and over again like the little dork that I was.  Oh man...those were the days.  I guess NKOTB for me is what One Direction is for young pre-pubescent teens today.  I could see myself obsessing over Justin Bieber if I were 12 today.  He's got the Joey McIntyre vibe goin on.

Ok...I'm going back on YouTube to reminisce about my one of favorite boy bands of the 80s.


  1. i don't remember the cartoon, but i LOVED them. Woot woot!

  2. I had it baaaad for Donnie too! I pursued more of the "Danny-type" in high school and avoided "Donnies" like the plague. I did get to meet NKTOB at a record store signing back in middle school. Lawd....remember record stores??!!??

  3. Your killin' me! First the books from the 80s and now this. I am slowly reading old posts, wouldn't work on my computer before. Making up for it now. I loooove Donnie Wahlberg. My crush has been going for 25+ years. He got me in Cover Girl video when he being all grown sexy on the stage. I have never recovered. I also had all kinds of NKOTB stuff. I still own buttons and books that are 26 yrs old and in perfect condition.
    Like you I couldn't afford to see them in concert. My little sister actually treated me to my first concert when they did their first tour. Since then I have seen them twice live on the Today show and saw the NKOTBSB concert last year and will be attending this years as well. I have had numerous occasions to meet Donnie up and close, but I always tease that it hasn't worked out because I don't know how I would react. I love that man.

  4. YESS!! Loving this post! I am STILL obsessed with NKOTB. I love me some Donnie. I'm so glad they reunited. I have amazing stories for days! <3