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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Beautiful phat girl pledge

Okay okay I know the title of this blog is kinda out there but I needed to get your attention...which I know I got. So now that you are reading this let's get into the Tea lol
This is brand new year which in my opinion means a new start to everything in your life. I will be very honest when I say this I'm a proud member of the beautiful phat girl community. But I want a change in this community I want for us thick and or plus size girls to be more comfortable with themselves. I see so many women of all colors ages and sizes and I think they are beautiful. Its how you carry and present yourself to what makes you the most beautiful not your size.
Me being a thick chick pretty much all my life this is what i know. I didn't become comfortable with myself over night it took a while. But once I got to the point of satisfaction and love nothing else mattered.
I want all my plus size sistas to be proud of what they have who they are and most importantly their worth. Size is nothing you can lose it and you can gain it. Its nothing. But if you have it don't kick yourself down build with it use it and love it. Why? Because its you. Learn to love you. The love you give yourself will not come from a man your friends or just random people. You have to gain it yourself.
Which is why I wanna start this beautiful phat girl pledge, this is more so a promise to a new start on loving yourself more and finding your inner diva without allowing your size to hinder you.  Its a easy promise to make,just making that commitment to yourself will make this all worth it.


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