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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BGN Girl: Klee Wiggins

Klee Wiggins is both a Star Wars AND Star Trek aficionado (hence the blog's name) and she does stand up comedy as well as creative copy editing and technical writing for a living -- its a quadrafecta of nerdy pursuits!

Check out her Tumblr blog here!

Sistah Supersheroes: Cipher

Alisa Tager, b/k/a Cipher, is a young mutant from the world of Young X-Men.  Created by artist Rafa Sandoval and writer Marc Guggenheim, Cipher first appears in Young X-Men #8.  However, using her particular abilities, Cipher was retconned into the series as early as Young X-Men #3.

Cipher is a spy, but she’s the most bad-ass spy I’ve ever heard of.  Her mutant abilities include the following:

  • Full electromagnetic spectrum invisibility
  • Complete stealth
  • Ability to move between phases (i.e. pass through solid objects)
  • Levitation
  • Voice masking
  • Pilot
She rocks sweet dreads, a foxy yellow & black outfit, and a deceptive smile.  This is a boss chick right here.  If I need to get precious intel; this is who I’d call.  To hell with James Bond.

Monday, July 30, 2012

BGN Spotlight: Gabby Douglas

In case you didn't know, the 2012 Summer Olympics are currently underway and everyone is glued to the TV!  Throughout the day--- sports geeks, nerdy athletes, and dorky jocks everywhere participate and  watch various events and competitions taking place in London this year.  I feel I have a personal connection with Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas...why??  Ummm...well we both grew up in Virginia Beach, VA! there!  I also once did cartwheels when I was a kid, and so did Gabby when were around the same age---that means we're totally connected right?

Not really.

However, she's a highly skilled and talented BGN in my book, and in the most successful kind of way!  According to her website: Gabby was born on New Year's Eve in 1995 in Virginia Beach, VA.  Her older sis, Arielle--also a gymnast--taught her how to do a perfected cartwheel and was her personal mentor.  Gabby went on to Gymstrada in 2006, and two years later she became a Virginia state champion.

Gabby graduated from state to nationals.  In 2011 she competed as a team member for the World Championship in Tokyo and won the team Gold!  In mid-July of this year Gabby appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated with other competing Olympic athletes on the issue of the Olympic Preview.  

Gabby was recently featured on of five covers released for TIME Magazine.

Follow Gabby!  @gabrielledoug

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Okay so I'm in love with lip products! I always have been from when I was little having 4-6 different lip smackers in my bag to now from balms to glosses. 
I picked up this product about a month ago in the scents of "peach kiss" and "pink punch". What got me to even buy this product was basically the cute packaging and the bright colors. The colors just jumped out as I was walking down the drugstore aisle. 

After a month of using this lip balm I can honestly say its great, it smell nice and it leave a tiny tint of color. The "pink punch" scent leaves a very light tint of pink that isn't too fake or "trying too hard" kind of look and that's what I love about this particularly color. 

The "peach kiss" comes off a very tan-ish nude-esqe tint and this is the one I tend to wear daily for work or errands because it's not too much and I like that. 

This product is moisturizing and very affordable. I haven't tried all of them, but from what I read/heard they are all great. I would recommend this product for people who want something different yet who don't like too much color especially for work or school.

BGN Girl: Gabriella E.M Ballard

Hello ALL! I am Spokhette and I blog over at Vulcan Sugar and Spice. I am a trekker NOT a trekkie there is a difference. I am an all around nerd, I switch from comic books, to cartoons, to anime but my real love will always be video games.  I am 21 and the owner of Doux Intoxicatie. Its a small shop where I sell my nerd-inspired knit and other handmade products. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BGN Girl: Lynette N. Roberts

Lynette N. Roberts, 30. I am a nerdy graduate of Albany State University. I never been afraid to learn. In my book, school has always been cool. My learning goes far beyond a school house. I love reading and researching science, sociology, and technology. As a child, if I wasn't reading a book, I was writing my own thoughts. Now I am a self published author of children's book. Each book and the books to come, all have a positive message behind them. It is very important to me to keep "the nerd" in the little ones active. 

I was born and raised in Savannah, GA. I currently live in Atlanta, GA. For as long as I can remember, writing has always been my favorite hobby. I am the self published author of Baby Bella Goes... and Princess Atelia and the Wishing Star.

Video Vlogger To Watch: Chris Sanders

This guy may become the next YouTube star with his rants and raves about being a black nerd.  His YouTube channel alone currently has 4,744 subscribers.  What drew me to his vlog, was this particular video about "Black People That Talk White".  I wrote a blog post awhile back called Talking White/Acting Black that is naturally a sensitive subject for me.  I was intrigued when a fellow BGN shared a link on the Facebook page of Chris' rant on this issue.

He has a ton of other videos that vary in subject matter to lack of charisma with the ladies, to attractive cartoon characters, to a rendition of the Sonic the Hedgehog theme song!  I remember that theme song!

Take a look below, and if you like what you see you should check out his other videos:

P.S. Thanks to Portia Charles for sending me this link!

Check out Nerd Caliber's feature on BGN!

A few weeks ago I received an email requested from Emmanuel Ortiz, the founder and creator of Nerd Caliber.  The website is a nerd lifestyle magazine that features all things nerdy, dorky, and geeky.  BGN is among only a handful of websites that features the sub-culture of nerds who are women of color.  

Hopefully our sub-culture can make more noise and be recognized in mainstream media.  Check out the interview below that features myself as well as other nerdy women who are breaking down stereotypes of women and nerdiness.

Thanks again to Emmanuel and his support of the Black Girl Nerd blog. 

Thank you especially to the readers and contributors of this blog that have made this place a safe haven for us nerds.  The journey continues my friends...


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nice Girls

This post is dedicated to my friend, confidant, and dare I say soulmate. I’m sorry I can’t be there for you like you are for me.

“Does this dress make me look fat?" This question ambushed me while on another of my “thifting” outings. The woman with dress in hand was a stocky, healthy looking black woman (think Serena Williams) with a beach blonde afro. She said she was fifty years old but the way her jeans clinched to her body, I would swear she was 35. Black don’t crack you know. And oh how optimism was she. This woman wanted this dress badly, but in typical female fashion, she needed a bit of reassurance before taking the plunge.

 But the dress in question did nothing for her shape. It was matronly. And any woman would had a blonde afro was not matronly. So there I was, her 6 foot, beefy, frame hovering over me, hope gleaming through her eyes  craving that I would instantly agree with her and say the dress was stunning and would make her look like Halle Berry. Or something like that.

So this leads me to question for you ladies. Can you be too nice? Well there are a few things that you can never have too much of like chocolate or novels, niceness is definitely something that can overfloweth in your cup. It can be a silent killer, trapping you in relationships, romantic or otherwise, that are stale, toxic, or even abusive. And while it is rewarding to go out of your way for someone, the danger lurks when they are a permanent negative spot on your bright shirt of life.

Another type of niceness danger zone can also slowly corrode into something more malignant: when someone is in your life and they are not necessary. They don’t harm you in obvious ways, they are just a distraction. They prevent you from focusing energy on the productive while they happily sip on your spirit. Akin to a semi-tolerable toothache, you can bare the pain and drain they bring. They just make life a lot suckier.

I really don't think I am a genuinely nice person to be honest. I am nice because I am scared not to. When you are nice to people, you expect them to be nice back. You expect them to see your worth and value as a person. You expect they will give you what you want. But life has shown me that being nice guarantees none of that. A lot of times I am nice just so I can be validated as a person, get what I want, and spare any kind of conflict. I don’t think I am alone in that.

But it is ok to say no. I make my own worth. Not my actions alone. And I don’t have to be nice and sacrifice the truth in the process. Sometimes being “nice” requires a bold face lie because you don’t want to be responsible for hurting someone’s feelings. But in this case, it is not really about them, it’s about you. Nice girls don’t like feeling at fault so we sometimes make up a fantasy. Yes, we sometimes call them “little white lies”, but I can say from experience those tend to grow into big, giant, holy shiitake mushroom fabrications because you never learn how to say no to little things. And by you, I mean me. I have hurt a lot of people because I thought I was being nice and sparing them from the truth.

However, a dear friend of mine planted a seed which is slowly starting to flourish when he said, “Hurt me with the truth, but don’t betray me with lies.”
But back to that woman with the dress. I thought for a second and decided to be nice in a different way. I was upfront with her. I told her she should save her money on something that flatters her figure better. Sure, my fear made the worst case scenario to be her cursing me out for having no tastes and disagreeing with her. But she didn’t. She didn’t buy the dress either.  And I felt like a real nice person that day.

High Heels Hurt

When I was six years old, I remember walking into my Mother's bedroom closet and seeing this gargantuan array of high heel shoes that came in a variety of colors and styles.  She had everything from pink strappy heels, to clear plastic pumps, to blue sequin stilettos.  It looked like the inside of a dressing room at Fashion Week.  The odd thing is, my mother never really wore a great deal of high heel shoes that I could remember, but she had this extreme collection in her closet.  I could only suspect that she would purchase these shoes wear them for a day and leave them in her closet to collect dust for the rest of eternity.

The six year old me would go into her bedroom and try on all the pink colored pumps since pink is my favorite color.  I would walk, trip, limp, and stagger throughout the house wearing heels that were three times my size.  After many failed attempts, I would just give up and just sit down in the middle of floor and wear the heels with my legs stretched out.  I would just sit there and admire my tiny little feet in these gorgeous high heel shoes.  Playing dress up is what many of us women have done once or twice in our lifetime.  

However, as I got old enough at an age that was appropriate to wear high heel shoes, I found myself feeling deja vu from when I was six.  I still had the same stumbling pace and limp as I had before wearing shoes three times my size.  These shoes were perfectly fit as it was for Cinderella when I placed them on my feet, but yet still I could not walk in a straight line.  My walk was the equivalent of someone trying to walk a sobriety check test.  If I were judged by how I walked I would definitely go straight to jail for the offense of atrociously bad stepping while in high heels.

I figured what the hell and decided to chuck it and never wear high heels.  I made a second attempt in my late twenties while walking down the streets of Manhattan and tripped on a pothole in the middle of 5th Avenue.  I bruised my ego more than I bruised my knees and elbow.  That day the heel broke in half and I found myself walking barefoot all the way back home on the nasty NYC asphalt.  Yuck!

The reason why I'm bringing this up because I found that I don't HAVE to wear high heels to appear beautiful or aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of other women.  Let's be honest---men for the most part are not turned on by high heel shoes.  There may be a few that have a peculiar foot fetish---but for the most part, that is not why a man is initially attracted to a woman.  

I believe deeply that a woman can look beautiful and be comfortable at the same time.  There is something misogynistic about the pain and torture of wearing high heels anyway to me.  This is just my personal opinion and you can feel freely to disagree.  I just think that I can look stunning with flats or maybe even kitten heeled shoes.  I prefer flats though.  I hardly do platforms either---they remind me of a really big heel.  Just sayin.  However, if it were really up to me, I think sneakers are the best for feet.  If there was a way to make sneakers fashionable in a way that you can wear them on a fancy red carpet event or attend a church service and not get the "you-must-be-from-the-planet-Krypton" response, I would wear sneakers everywhere.  

This is just me.  A BGN that doesn't like to wear high heels---and I probably never will---unless they make a shoe that is incredibly comfortable and I can walk like a normal human being in them.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Swirling: How To Date, Mate, and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed

On May 1st, the popular blog about interracial dating targeted to Black women called Beyond Black & White featured a blog post about BGN.  The blog was only 3 months old and already received attention from a fellow BWE (Black Women Empowered) blogsite!  I was flattered and intrigued at the same time, because I absolutely relish at the idea of Black women freely dating outside of their race.

It was from that day forward that I began to peruse the blog almost daily.  There was a book published by BBW creator Christelyn Karazin called Swirling: How To Date, Mate, and Relate, Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed.  She co-authored the book with Janice Rhoshalle LittleJohn.  The book is a simple dating guide for Black women who are interested in going a little deeper into the dating pool rather than waiting for Mr. Right at the shallow end.

Janice Rhoshalle LittleJohn (l.) and Christelyn Karazin (r.)
The authors alternate chapters and list their names at the heading to allow the reader to discern who is writing.  The book has a great balance between providing wit, humor, and embarrassing experiences to market research and factoids about interracial dating.  My favorite chapter in the book is Chapter 9 about The Rules of Flirtation: Knowing When He's Interested.  There are some serious tips about what cues to pick up from a guy when you are on a date.  I had some aha moments when I read through the chapter of the kinds of body language a guy gives off and what each movement may mean.  It's a great way to screen a guy to know if he's interested in you right off the bat and if the second date is even worth it.

I had a personal connection with Janice's story at the very end about her own personal dating experiences and it hit quite close to home.  Much of what she said about her past and her current lifestyle mirrors my recent post about solitude.  I just finished reading the book this evening---so timing couldn't be better.

The book is cute, quirky, humorous, and gives information that provides good tools for women that are looking to find a mate.  This is not an anti-Black or man-hating book.  The authors encourage Black women to date within their own race if that is their preference, but to not dismiss the idea of expanding your horizons if you are still looking for the right guy.

State Street Pictures just picked up the film rights to the book and it is being made into a feature with both authors slated to executive produce the film.  I was a big fan of the film "Something New" and wondered why there has been a lack of films to this sub-culture of interracial women daters to be released in Hollywood.  I look forward to seeing a trend if there ever is one.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Photo O' The Day: Our Slogan

Black Girl Nerds

Friday, July 20, 2012

Is It Possible To Enjoy Solitude A Little Too Much?

Image from

Early this afternoon at work around 2ish I was conversing with my co-workers about how we chose to spend our weekends.  In the midst of our conversation, another co-worker approaches me and kindly asks if I'm interested in hanging out with him and some mutual friends at a bar downtown.  I fibbed and told him I had already made plans (it actually wasn't a fib it was a plain flat out lie if you ask me).  After he left, a random thought entered my mind and I spoke it aloud and asked,

"I enjoy solitude.  But do I enjoy it a little too much?"

My female co-worker who is married with 2 kids said in a kind and honest tone,

"Of course not!  Enjoy this time Jamie.  Soon you will be married and miserable with kids and have no quiet time for yourself!"

I chuckled and felt a sense of relief.  She has a talent at nurturing my concerns, even though I secretly wonder does she think I'm an anti-social introvert like everyone else seems to believe.  I could have easily caved-in and said "sure I'll go out with you guys".  I chose not to because peace, stillness, and tranquility is a major priority in my life right now.  Perhaps this season of my life is this way because I am waiting to be molded and to build more wisdom that only solitude can grant me.  Or maybe I am just tired of living that old life where drinks and smoked-filled bars is a part of my social existence.

Does it make me weird that on a Friday night where most single women my age are out and about spending their time trying extra hard to find Mr Right (or Mr Right Now) that I would actually prefer to be alone in my apartment reading a good book or focusing on my writing?  As I am writing this, I've come across a quandary about my situation.  Does the enjoyment and fulfillment of being alone make me a nerd?

Does it make me anti-social? An introvert? A weirdo? A freak?

Or to put it simply, does it just make me a grown-up?

Not to get all religious on you guys, but the Romans biblical scripture comes to mind when I think about this season of my life and what I feel society says I should do as opposed to what I feel inside.  The message says, be not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  I'm quoting that scripture because sometimes I feel like that we as Black women assume that we have to fit into some sort of societal trend and to shape ourselves into this image or persona of whom we are supposed to be.  Why does a Friday night obligate me to go out to a bar and pay for overpriced drinks?

Here's another thing---if that same friend had asked me to go to the movies, see a play, or check out a new art exhibit instead---I would totally go!

I just feel like sometimes I live in a world where I feel like I'm older than everybody else.  Does anyone out there get me on this?  I'm not saying this to be condescending or glib.  I'm just saying this because I really feel like social activities that exhibit behaviors where people get lewd, disrespectful, angry, or any other counteractive response are not at all conducive to my growth mentally, emotionally, and even physically (I'm still waiting for my liver to replenish itself after years of damage).  I'm at a place of peace now and I'm happy.  Is it possible to enjoy solitude a little too much?

Maybe.  And if so---who cares?  I'm enjoying every second of it.

Sponsor A Child!

This year I decided to do one of the most self-less acts anyone could possibly accomplish.  I took the initiative to sponsor a child in a third world country that needed the basic necessities like clean running water, food, and a good education.  My  six year child lives in Bangladesh, India.  I've only sponsored her for a couple of months, so the two of us are still getting to know one another.

Currently she is not enrolled in school.  My prayer for her is to attend school and to become a teacher.  I received a letter from her a few weeks ago with a beautiful picture of a flower that she drew and colored just for me.

This short journey thus far has been such a fulfilling experience for me.  There is nothing greater in this world than being a blessing to others.  Thoughts of her and her family gently flow in and out of my mind every now and then and all I can do it sit back, pray, and let God be God in making sure she is taken care of.

If you have the resources to sponsor a child, I would highly encourage it.  It's a heartwarming experience and in return you feel whole and and healed in your spirit.  It's a magnificent feeling!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Black Barbie World Part 2: Cutest Barbie/Ken Couples

Madison and James

Madison, 18, met James, 19, at Surf N Turf restaurant in Carolina Beach, NC.  They locked eyes when James accidentally spilled his drink when she bumped into him as he was rushing to bus the next table behind her.  The two have been together ever since.  They both love to watch old Nick-At-Nite reruns and enjoy jogging together at the beach.

Charlene and Darryl

Charlene, 39, met Darryl, 37, at an advertising conference in London.  Charlene is the founder of an ad agency based out of NYC and Darryl owns a marketing research firm based in NYC, London, and Paris.  The two travel around the world together and enjoy a married life together free of children and only have time to enjoy one another's company and still stay dedicated to their high powered careers.

Kenya and Jackson

In 1972, Kenya, 24, met Jackson, 31 on the campus of Stanford University in California.  They both studied law and Kenya is a successful attorney with her own practice in Los Angeles and Jackson is a district court judge also based in L.A.  They have three children and five grandchildren.  They just celebrated their 30th anniversary in Ocho Rios doing what they love to do best---deep sea diving.

Katy and Roderick

Katy, 25, met Roderick, 29 at a nightclub in Las Vegas.  Katy works as a waitress at The Palms and Roderick is a bass player in a band called "Zen".  They both gambled in love and although the couple have had their ups and downs--nothing can separate the two.  Katy plans to attend school next year and Roderick just signed a deal with an independent label and is currently working on a solo album.

Nannette and Kristof

Nannette, 32, is a gorgeous French girl from Marseille.  She met Kristof, 36 when she visited Germany last summer.  Nannette is a fashion designer and Kristof is a model.  When Kristof met Nannette he knew instantly that she would be his wife.  He now lives with Nannette in France and the two are engaged to be married in the Fall.

Tanisha and Marcus

Marcus, 34 has always had an affinity for chocolate women.  He met Tanisha, 30, when he was treating her for head trauma after she got into a car accident.  Luckily Tanisha's bump on the head was minor, but her love for Marcus was major.  Marcus is a neurologist and Tanisha is an public relations assistant for talent agency.  They have been dating now for six months and both live in Dallas, TX.

Lorraine and Derek

Lorraine, 37, met Derek 26, at a Bally's gym back in the Spring of 2008.  Lorraine was uncertain of starting a relationship with the then 22 year old Derek who was 11 years her junior.  However, after long telephone conversations that lasted for hours and a compatibility that matched more than any man she had ever known, Lorraine decided get rid of the social hangups about Derek's age and race and just be happy and enjoy life with a good man.  They are now married and Lorraine is expecting a boy in December of this year.

Nia and Edward

Edward, 29 is always mistaken for Robert Pattinson and having both the name Edward and an English accent doesn't help either.  Nia, 27, is a systems analyst from Seattle, WA.  She met Edward through an online dating website for interracial couples.  As fate would have it, Edward's job relocated him to Seattle several months after the two connected online.  Edward works as an social media strategist.  The two are happily married and are planning a family soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Photo O' The Day: BGN Meme

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video Game Couples That Never Hooked Up: 80-90s version

As a former gamer, I sometimes wonder about my favorite female video game characters who I strategically chose whenever I played my favorite fighting game or role playing game--if they had ever hooked up with their male counterparts?

Is that weird?  Or is that just me?  You always hear of comic book couples and there is the occasional video game couple like Mario and Princess Peach or Link and Zelda but what about Sonya Blade or Chun-Li?  Who is their romantic interests?

As an avid gamer of the late 80s and early 90s I can only speak to this generation of video game characters.  Feel free to comment and elaborate on newer characters that are absent from this list, but I always wanted to know how cool it would be if these two lovers got together?  These pairings is also a cross-over between other games.

Chun-Li and Ryu

The Street Fighter video franchise was a hot commodity in the late eighties and into the early nineties.  Chun-Li had the ultimate moves with her lightning leg kicks and Ryu with his "Hadouken" projectile and his Hurricane Kick that could maneuver across the arcade screen.  These two can obviously share their affections for the love of kicking other peoples' ass literally as well as their affinity for Asian styled fighting.  Her Chinese style blends well with his Japanese style.

April O' Neil and Leonardo

So what if she's a human and he's a turtle?  This pair would make a lovely duo and he's such a better fit for her personality than Casey Jones ever was.  Leo is the oldest and smartest of his 3 other teenage mutant ninja brothers and he carries a big sword (pun intended).  April is a skilled journalist and is depicted as the damsel in distress in the game version of the comic book series.  Leo is ready for the rescue indeed.

Sonya Blade and Scorpion

Scorpion is the assertive type and that is the kind of man Sonya needs.  Her domineering fighting prowess and ability to languish men with not only her good looks but her fierce disposition.  Scorpion will be able to contend with a strong female type by simply taking his spear and uttering the phrase "get over here".  Without using the actual spear on Sonya of course.

Samus Aran and Mega Man

In the 1986 game Metroid, most players didn't even know the Samus was actually a female until the very end of the game.  She shares similar qualities to another Nintendo game called Mega Man where they both conquered an intergalactic world wearing post-apocalyptic weaponized-suits and armed with ray guns that could blow creatures to millions of tiny pieces.  These two were destined to be together.

Who would you like to see together?

Is Anyone Else Tired Of "Swagger?"

So I'm on BGN this morning, and reading a recent post about nerds and swagger. For the record, I feel that the whole idea about "swagger" is a concern for the young, immature, and image-oriented (being an ex-Buddhist, I feel that I am above such inane concepts). As I read, I felt compelled--obligated really--to re-post a piece I wrote from February of earlier this year, entitled "Is Anyone Else Tired Of 'Swagger?'" complete with a voting survey.

I have taken the liberty of posting the introduction to the piece below.

Working with young people, while constantly being bombarded via the internet, television, and magazines with gossip and pseudo-news about contemporary pop culture, I often find myself wondering whether or not I am alone in being fed-up with the concept, the notion, and/or the practice of “swagger.” For the unhip among the readers, swagger is a way of wholly conducting oneself. Quite simply, it is a type of hubris—the way in which an otherwise “cool” person conducts him/herself.

Read the rest here: "Is Anyone Else Tired Of 'Swagger?'"

Monday, July 16, 2012

15 Reasons To Go To Comic-Con San Diego

This past weekend was Comic-Con 2012 held in San Diego, CA.  There will be another one held in NYC in October.  I've never been to Comic-Con, but I've ALWAYS wanted to go.  I can only live vicariously through images on the Internet and other blogs that post pictures, articles, and video clips from the annual convention.  I've researched Comic-Con for so many years you would think I actually attended the event.  If you've never heard of Comic-Con or know little about it, let me lure you in and give you 15 reasons why you should 

15.  It's in beautiful San Diego.  You've got gorgeous weather,  sandy beaches, extravagant nightlife, and a town filled with beautiful people.  Who wouldn't want to spend a weekend in this lovely city?  (*There are several conventions throughout the US, the one in CA is the largest one)

14.  Celebrities-galore.  This place is inundated with celebrities from awesome nerd-Gods like Joss Whedon to film geeks like Quentin Tarantino.  

13.  Tons of free souvenirs.  Comic books, mugs, party favors, wardrobe accessories, posters, etc.  You may need to bring an extra bag of luggage for just the free stuff.

12.  You may meet the Nerd of your dreams.  This place is filled with other nerds, geeks, dweebs, and dorks like us and if you are interested in finding your Blerd (or if you rather swirl) a White, Hispanic, or Asian nerd---there are more than enough to go around!

11.  The most GIGANTIC comic convention in the US.  Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world flock to San Diego each year for Comic-Con.  You're attending the event of the year that people plan for months ahead of time and expect to see some international geeks along the way.

10. Exclusive news.  Comic-con has been notorious for releasing or leaking information to attendees about upcoming films, TV shows, comic books, graphic novels, novellas, etc that the public receives second-hand.  You will be the envy of all of your friends when you tell them you already know when the next Spider-Man comic will be released.

9. True Blood Panel.  The cast and crew of True Blood have been on panel at Comic-Con for several years now, and I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon.  The fact that you can conduct a Q&A with hotties like Stephen Moyer and Joe Maganiello is certainly worth the price of admission.

8. Game of Thrones Panel.  Is there a need to elaborate here?  Just possibly hoping to have the opportunity to meet Peter Dinklage and Kit Harrington is worth traveling over 3,000 miles.  

7. Cosplayers.  You can either meet one or become one.  Seeing people dressed up as their favorite comic book or TV characters is an awesome Instagram opportunity to splash all over your Facebook page.  Take a picture with a cosplayer or dress up as one and become an overnight celebrity.

6. Meet a fellow Nerdette.  You may meet your new BFF here.  This is a place filled with like-minded souls that love all things geek and the two of you can spend the weekend stalking your favorite celebrities or exchanging pleasantries about the most awesome weekend of your entire life!

5. Sneak-Previews.  Along with exclusive news you also get the opportunity to be the first to see movie trailers, and new TV pilots long before they hit mainstream media.  

4. Sessions.  Nickelodeon, Marvel Comics, DreamWorks, and tons of other companies have How to Sessions available for attendees!  For example "How To Break Into The Comic Industry" and "Script writing for Geeks"

3.  Tons of T-Shirts.  Bring an extra 40-60 bucks so you can get yourself a personalized graphic Tee that shows you officially went to Comic Con as well as other branded T-shirts that you least likely find anywhere else.  

2. Video Games.  Are you a gamer?  Video games are available at your disposal plus you may meet other geeks who are avid gamers that can give you some strategic tips on how to conquer your most challenging video game.  You also get access to exclusive content from Nintendo and other game software companies.

1. No-judgement zone.  This is a place where you can be as nerdy as you want to be and allow your geeky girl countenance to blossom!  Other nerds will understand your language and can keep up with your expanded vocabulary.  Finally---a place that GETS me!

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”

Are black women supposed to be tough? Assertive? Selfless caretakers with loose morals and a looser tongue? In case you were wondering, of course not. But as nerds, living in a world that still pardons these blanket characteristics to an entire people

Nerd and “black” perceived qualities typically don’t ride in the same carpool together.

Nerds are supposed to be awkward, indecisive, blubbering goofs. Some nerds are, some are not. Black women are synonymous in many circles as the “strong women” stereotype, not taking any bull, neck swiveling, ad nauseam. Yet the woman on this site and many more around the world have perfectly juxtaposed the ying and yang of race and nerd and created a flawless person with the best of both worlds.

We have reconciled the apparent opposites into total awesomeness.

This is where my title comes into play. My title is a quote from a poem “Song of Myself” from Walt Whitman. Besides accepting his own idiosyncrasies, this fantastic poem accepts that as a human being you are supposed to contradict yourself. No one is the same person at any given time. Yes we are nerds, and yes we are black, and yes we are girls (woot!) but in addition to all of this, those qualities should not be the sum of all our parts.
I have never been partial to the idea that you have to choose one phenotype of personality all the time.
Part of me is a nerd for sure but there is another part that loves being the "hot" chick, the "funny" chick, the "I don't know what the heck I want in life but winging it till I do" chick. Now that may sound a little manic, but maybe that’s why I’m seeing a therapist.


There is nothing wrong with embracing all of your identity. Happy, sad, angry even.  We're all used to being the smartest girl in the room now let's explore other possibilities in order for world domination! Well ok maybe local municipal domination. But you get the idea.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Black True Blood

It was inevitable that there was going to be a post about the black cast version of True Blood.  Not sure if everyone will agree with this one given the fact the show's casting is perfect the way it is....but for kicks and giggles let's play The Black Casting Game!

Tika Sumpter as Sookie Stackhouse

Hill Harper as Bill Compton (hee hee Hill as Bill)

Gary Dourdan as Eric Northman

Jason Momoa Alcide Herveaux

Taye Diggs as Sam Merlotte

Lance Gross as Jason Stackhouse

Vivica Fox as Pam Swynford De Beaufort

Ice Cube as Andy Bellefleur 

*Lafayette Reynolds and Tara Thornton are excluded from this list for obvious reasons ;)

Allow Me To Introduce Myself: My name is Jamie and I'm A Black Girl Nerd

My name is Jamie and I'm a Black Girl Nerd.  I have been black and nerdy my whole life.  Well I've been black longer, but you get my drift.  I've finally released that repressed part of my soul that I've

tried to hide through social masks and distorted worldly perspectives about what being a black girl is all about.  In fact in the world that I live in, being a black girl meant being the ANTI-nerd.  As a part of my DNA I had to be assertive, confident, strong, and a social butterfly.  Being a shy reticent hermit was just weird.  The other black girls in the high school cafeteria thought "what is wrong with her?"  The white girls in the cafeteria thought, "what is wrong with her?" As a matter a fact everyone thought, "what is wrong..." well you get the idea.  I lacked Oprah Winfrey's social graces, Halle Berry's stunning good looks, and Maya Angelou's reverent confidence.  Strong, beautiful, black woman are adjectives that are printed indelibly in our lexicon so deeply, that society assumes that generalization of all African American women.  Okay, now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there is anything erroneous about being attached to a stigma of being a gorgeous, secure, graceful woman. 

 If it were up to me and I had a genie in a bottle it would be the last of my three wishes next to requesting an abundance of wealth and being married to Jon B. But alas--instead of inhabiting those powerful characteristics I am the polar opposite.  I lack a great deal of self-confidence, I am socially awkward, and I question my own beauty so much that its hard to look at myself in the mirror.  I remember as a young girl when a friend of mine asked, 

"how come you never look me in the eyes?"  

It never dawned on me that I don't make eye-contact with people.  It's a bad habit I've carried throughout my adolescence into my young adulthood and I must be honest and say that I still suffer from it today.  My introvertedness is something I have finally come to terms with at the ripe old age of 32 (I've got to stop saying  It was something I used to hide and was ashamed of, but now I embrace it and I want the entire world to know that this is who I am and who God created me to be.  I'm a chubby, introverted, black girl that likes to listen to 80's music and spend my Friday nights watching CNN.  I rather spend several hours with my nose stuck in book rather than attend a social engagement with friends.  

I'm not an introvert in a weird I-don't-want-any-people-around-me kind of way, I just enjoy solitude. Peace and quiet takes precedence over an evening at a nightclub.  For many years I wore a social mask that allowed me to pretend by engaging in a party-girl lifestyle that was the only way to have fun and make friends.  The next day after waking up with cottonmouth and a hangover the size of Texas, I realized that this is not me.  I'm not the sloppy drunk girl at the party, or the girl that makes out with a random guy just to feel accepted.  I'm not the girl who is overly rambunctious or frivolously spends money on designer clothes, makeup, and accessories from the pages of fashion magazines just to simply look---dare I say...."cute".

This is not me.  This was never me.  This will no longer be me ever again.  I enjoy being a black girl nerd.  I enjoy being who I was meant to be---from birth shall we say?  I was a nerd when I didn't even know what a nerd was.  I was a nerd when I was trying so hard not to be one.  I AM a nerd.  Having said all of this, I want all other BGN's to know that the terms "nerd", "geek", "dork", and "dweeb" are
terms of endearment.  You are loved and to be revered. You are adored and cherished.  Do not let anyone ever tell you different.  I believe deeply from the bottom of my heart that for every nerd, there is someone out there trying exceedingly hard, not to be one.  The question remains, how long will it take for them to realize that they too have been a nerd all of their life?  How long will it take for them to realize who they are is their TRUE identity in all its glory?  Everyone has a little nerd waiting to come out of them.  Take off your masks girls and let your true nerdy black girl self manifest its way outwardly so we can truly see you for the strong, beautiful, confident black woman you really are.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Honestly this is very easy to say than do, but its the truth! In order to achieve what you want and make things happen for yourself you need that big push of motivation to do it. Its very easy to sit and plan things out a-z and never act on them. I for one can cosign for this simply because that push I needed was full of fear. fear of what? I don't know. Maybe fear of failing or never being able to do what I set out for myself. But then again nothing gets done allowing fear to take hold of that push I needed for the opportunities that awaited me. So by simply telling myself "Hey get up make these things happen!" that there took a lot, but they got done. 

Motivation can come from just about anywhere but YOU got to want to push yourself to put things into motion. Don't allow other peoples way of thinking mess up what you set out to do. This will only set you back even further. Surround yourself with open minded positive people that will show encouragement and support in what your plans are. 

Staying content and focus and most importantly have fun on the journey to change and finding what places peace and happiness in your life. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Photo O' The Day: Freudian Slip

Romney's family misspell their name.  Freudian slip?  

BGN Featured as The Black Blog of The Day!

The Black Blogger Network today has featured Black Girl Nerds as the Black Blog of The Day!

Check out the feature article about BGN and feel free to check out other black bloggers making an indelible print in cyberspace!

The Hotness That Is...

It's time for a :::Sigh Break:::

Need an eyegasm?  Or how about some candy to feed those eyeballs behind your spectacles?  Just want to take some time to give props to some man-tarts that serve as a delectable treat for your day.


Taken from "Men I Adore" on Pinterest