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Saturday, December 8, 2012


Tony Goldwyn is Now My New Eye Candy? Shonda I Hold You Fully Responsible!

Tony Goldwyn is my new panty creamer.  I used to hate that term when I saw a popular blogger use it incessantly on his site, but now I just don't care. Frankly and quite explicitly I might add, the term has that effect on me when I see President Fitz.  Tony Goldwyn is totally hot to me now.  Or is it Fitzgerald Grant that's hot?  Let's rewind to the pre-Scandal years.  Like say...1990?  When I think of Tony Goldwyn (before Scandal now) the first image that came to mind was the douchebag Carl Bruner who was responsible for killing Sam Wheat in the hit romantical movie Ghost.  I hated that scumbag with a passion.  How could he sell his own best friend out like that for some extra cash?

Remember the scene where he freaks out in the office after Oda Mae Brown withdraws 4 million dollars out of his expense account?  I was thrilled when he was sweating bullets and murmuring like a child.  We all knew his goose was cooked!  These are the moments I think of when Tony Goldwyn's name etches across a movie screen or scrolls down during the credits.  I also remember him playing another scumbag role in The Pelican Brief as Fletcher Coal, the President's chief of staff responsible for the cover up of the murders of two supreme court justices.  His character was condescending and  a down right callous prick for trying to coordinate the elimination of Darby Shaw.

The funny thing is, he was on Dexter and I can't quite recall seeing him on that show.  Of course it was Season One and I'm a little hazy on my memories of the first season since I only saw half of it.  I guess I'll ask my friend if I can borrow her DVD to watch it over again.

But here's the thing, Tony's character is once again a very bad guy.  He was a therapist who killed his female patients.  Bad bad bad man Tony.  Why are you always the bad guy?

Now to be fair, Tony has been in a plethora of TV and Film roles that were good guys---the hero even.  For example his role as the Dad (with a stroke of badasseriness) in the film Last House On The Left.  He rescues his family by killing the bad guy.  It's now Tony's turn to be the good guy with redeemable qualities that lives and saves the day.

Now let's fast forward to present day...the post-Scandal era.  Something significant has happened to me and I can't quite articulate into words what it is, but the 180 turnaround has happened and Tony Goldwyn is my new imaginary love.  He creeps into my dreams, he lingers into random thoughts, his voice that says, "I exist for you" echoes into the depths of my soul and that look.

Oh that look.

You know what I'm talking about ladies.  The look he gives to Olivia as if he is trying to tell her, "that I love you with every fiber of my being and nothing will ever stop me from loving you".  That's exactly what he looks like he's saying when he stares at Olivia Pope.

Then there are his words.  His monologue in the Rose Garden during the last episode has been posted and re-posted so many times that its indelibly printed now in social media networks everywhere.  No one I mean no one cannot get enough of Olivia and Fitz.  The two are so scorching hot that they have now reached supercouple status and have earned the portmanteau title Olitz.  Mmmm hmmm....move over Brangelina, its all about Olitz.

Now I hold Shonda Rhimes fully accountable for making me feel this way towards Tony Goldwyn.  I was content with the fact that I didn't like the guy.  I slept better at night knowing I had contempt for the characters he played and I was okay with that.  I'm sure he could care less, but it made my life easy.  However, Scandal just had to mess things up and now I can't get enough of his man.

When President Fitzgerald Grant was away overseas and Tony Goldwyn's screen time was dramatically reduced, I felt like I was going through withdrawal.  The show's flavor had somewhat of a lackluster taste and I needed a little more seasoning.  Like a drug I needed my Fitz! Pun totally intended.

So now we all know Fitz got shot, which is fine as long as they keep those flashbacks coming.  Hell you can go all Lost on me for all I know and throw some flashforwards in there if you'd like (as long as we know he'll come out alive---which of course he will).  Speaking of Lost, I'm a little disappointed that Henry Ian Cusick left the show.  Did we ever find out why his character just bounced?  Did I miss something?  I have a very short attention span, so it's quite possible I missed a very important plot point and it completely went over my head.

Anyways, back to Tony.  He's hot right?  Oh yea we covered that already.  Oh yea, onto Shonda, so I just want to let you know that you surely do have a way with words.  You are truly my shero.  I mean after all you had me at Grey's Anatomy.

Although now I am starting to wonder where that show is going...

I'll blog about that later.

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  1. Yep he is my new fantasy sex man too. Any dates coming up will be compared to him. If they do not look at me like he at Olivia they are toast

  2. after watching half of last week's episode i refuse to watch the show anymore. it ends up being just about them and being scandalous. and i just don't think tony is attractive. and killing off patrick swayze is another score he lost for me. boo. lol.

  3. Love, love this show! It's so addictive. And Fitz is the man! Although I know if this was real life and if I was Mellie, I would beat the other woman (Olivia) down and him to boot! But since this is fantasy, I love Olitz!!

  4. I don't watch Scandal, but Tony's hot. However, you snatched a sistah back into the 1990s with Carl Bruner & Fletcher Coal references and so therefore I had to reply. In this case, the man has aged like a fine wine.

    Carl Bruner and Fletcher Coal. I'm done. G'night, BGN!

  5. He was the guy from GHOST. I am STILL trying to get over this...but I think he got finer as he aged. ! =0D

  6. BlackNerdyGirl you're the only one in all of cyberspace that understand my addiction. I've never been this hot for any friggin' actor before, now Tony Goldwyn comes along with those sexy @SS looks and changed all of that. I have a secret, my dildo has a new name 'Fitz'! Uh saying his name! Thanks for your true confessional blog, love it!

  7. Tony Goldwyn is HOT! Im starting to look at white men a lil diff'rent (lol). Hey, I think I can be down with the swirl. Thanks Tony!

  8. I'm fairly new to the SCANDAL train but let me tell you, I love me some Tony Goldwyn. I think this show will open the eyes and the hearts of black women everywhere b/c there are men out there of ALL races who are interested in us and we usually don't give them the chance to do so. Love should be color blind and Fitz's deep love for Olivia can attest to that. That kind of love is out there, we just have to open ourselves up to it.

  9. Yasss....clutching my church fan.

  10. Karen L. Jefferson CPMR CSPJuly 11, 2013 at 6:59 PM

    You are my new favorite blogger!

  11. He is on another level of HOT. I am obsessed with him! I'm climbing the walls waiting for the next episode of Scandal. And my god that voice! Love the photo at the top! Mhmmmmm