Oh, Donald!

Are any of you guys a fan of  NBC’s Community? If not, what’s wrong with you. Just kidding! It is a great show but everything isn’t for everyone. If you are in fact a fan, you may know him as the hilarious Troy Barnes. Yes, I am referring to the ever so talented rapper, writer, comedian, and actor Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino. 
Yes, Donald is very talented and has many titles but, one thing that I love about this man (of many things) is the fact that he has held on to his ‘nerd’ identity through out his entire career. He is often speaking about growing up as this outcast in a world where he was considered nerdy or different or  “too white”. On a more personal level, I can relate. I find his acceptance of who he is, what he enjoys and how he stays true to himself refreshing and brilliant. 
So let’s talk about his style. Donald has a nerdy street chic about him that I think most people should take note of. Pulling off street nerd chic is definitely an art form and it’s easy on the eyes. It’s clean, it is pretty comfortable, and it’s always presentable. 
This can be done with some nice jeans, a comic book t-shirt, and a blazer. So simple, so comfy, and so hot. What I also enjoy a lot about Donald’s nerdy street chic appearance is it can easily be unisex. A woman can pull off the same look and look fabulous. Here are a few key pieces to get your nerd street chic on and do it with pride. 
How do you feel about nerd street chic? Do you also have an impressive collection of Batman t-shirts like I do? 
I am the Batman, 
Latanya Rene 

Author: Latanya

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  1. I enjoy his music I even created a childish gambino station for panadora he has a laid back retro nerd boy feel to his rap. When he comes back to the dmv area I’m thinking about going to see his show.

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