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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


BGN Girl: LaShanda Nicole

Today we feature LaShanda Nicole as our BGN Girl!  Her name means God is gracious and leader of the people. LaShanda Nicole was born in Columbus Georgia, however she was raised everywhere. She is a mother, the oldest of 4 girls, and a US Army veteran. She currently holds an associates degree in business and is working on her nail tech certification.

At the of age 27, her first priority is raising her 2 beautiful, loving, awesome children. Carlton age 5 and Keyairah age 3. She wants them to be God fearing, productive and confident in the world. She is a budding author, who is not famous as of yet, but writes to inspire, to educate and to clear her heart and mind. Last but not least she is an entrepreneur. Her small business is called Younique Chic Accessories they sell affordable fashionable jewelry which is also featured on her blog. She believes in female empowerment and knows that the only thing stopping you from doing what you want to do is you.

"I'm doing what I want to do, I'm saying what I want to say, I'm writing what I want to write and it feels great it's a part of my life. I am a down to earth humble nerd. I don't try to be anybody else but myself."    Her blog LaShanda Nicole is a place where females can come and get a taste of what all life offers. With category such as health and beauty, spirituality, culture and videos.  Readers are left feeling well balanced as she believes that we all should strive to be in life. She has monthly contests with great prizes so over all it's fun, educational, inspiring and entertainment. Her hope is to inspire women by just being me leading by example. "I came from nothing but I'm headed some where great. I never stopped dreaming and I am a living testimony. It doesn't matter what your doing or where you come from if you have a dream or idea don't let it go your time will come. I never would have made it this far and I'm not going any where with out Jesus."

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