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Monday, November 19, 2012


GENETIKA, graphic novel kickstarter

Dr. Eugene Poulos is a genetics whiz on the corporate fast track. When he stumbles across a secret group with the key to the fountain of youth among other highly advanced technologies, Gene quickly finds himself alienated from family and friends, on the run from the police, wanted by the FBI, and worst of all hunted by a group of people who see and hear farther, think and move faster, never sleep, live forever, and who will stop at nothing to maintain the privileged secrecy of their existence.

Would you risk your life, to live forever?

"GENETIKA: Gene" is the debut graphic novel in a series of science fiction thriller stories that deal with cloning, immortality, and the ongoing struggle for power and technology.

Ivy League educated writer-creator Darion D'Anjou is a first generation Caribbean-American, with roots in Jamaica, British Guyana, and Martinique. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Darion writes exclusively in the science fiction genre and is committed to building an independent publishing company centered squarely on the science fiction genre, and delivering mainstream audiences a multicultural mix of characters.

"I enjoy stories that are slick and entertaining, and introduce hip new technology in the context of our emotional and moral challenges. These are the kind of pulse-pounding, thought-provoking stories I will bring you again and again through the GENETIKA graphic novel series and beyond." - Darion D'Anjou

See the trailer for graphic novel "GENETIKA: Gene" on now:

Darion has turned to as a uniquely democratic grassroots way of raising funds for the initial print run of the project, as well as building a foundational base of support. Back debut graphic novel "GENETIKA: Gene" now, and be a part of launching a hip new science fiction thriller series and the inception of an independent publishing company dedicated to bringing audiences compelling science fiction content for years to come.

Check out the video below:


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