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Friday, April 20, 2012


I May Be Sitting On A Goldmine!

So I was having a discussion with one of my co-workers today who complimented me graciously by saying "Wow are a nerd!"  The two of us were discussing our avid collections of comic books when we were younger.  I used to be a X-MEN fiend (just check out my blog post about Gambit).   I also collected comic books like Archie and the Dark Shadows series.

Along with my extended comic book collection, I was also a hoarder of baseball, basketball, and football sports cards.  This was well over a decade ago and all of the players I own are now retired and either own their own movie theater, doing underwear commercials, or performing hosting duties on Saturday Night Live.  Anywayz--- so the both of us were geekin' out over the types of comic books and sports cards we have collected.  I even collected the Marvel superhero comic cards.  NERDY!

Ok--so as we were discussing this I suddenly had what Oprah would refer to as an "ah-ha moment".  I could quite possibly be sitting on a goldmine.  I mean seriously!  I have a hologram Hank Aaron baseball card that could be worth hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars.  It was actually worth alot of money back then, so who knows what it could be worth now in 2012!  I also have the very first edition and first issue of X-Men Adventures comic book that was released in the early 90's.

The first issue of any comic book has GOT to be worth something right?  I remember vaguely going to a thrift store as a kid and I bought for two bucks a 1962 issue of Archie and Jughead and its now 50 years old!  Dude what am I doing?  I need to visit my Mom's house and look for those comic books and sports cards!  I can only hope she hasn't accidentally thrown them away.

The next trip I take home to visit it will be my agenda to search for those collectibles.  My question is this...should I sell them or should I keep them as priceless collectibles?

Depends on how much they're worth.



  1. I'm not a girl, but I am a proud nerd...and I'm loving this post (and this site)!