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Thursday, March 15, 2012


5 Types Of Nerdy Girls

The Recluse -  She's the wallflower at parties and any other social occasion.  She comes off as stuck up and prudish because of her reticent nature.  She modestly orders a glass of water and a light meal at a restaurant.  She's more self-conscious than she needs to be.  It may take some time for this flower to open her petals and she remains a bud for a long time before she opens up to trust you.  Once she breaks down her walls she's actually one of the sweetest people you would ever know.  She's the type of person that would give you everything she has if she became your best friend.

Likes: Being a hermit.
Dislikes: Loud people.

The Fashionista - She's nerdy on the outside and is proud of it!  She is obsessed with the latest geek chic trends and has many pairs of faux geeky frames in all types of different colors to match her retro Adidas she buys every other week on  She prides on looking the part more than acting the part, and is often mistaken for being a poser.  She loves to talk about anything retro and is often seen shopping in thrift stores and yard sales.  She's a great girlfriend for fashion advice, but sometimes tries to boss you around in how you construct your own appearance.

Likes: Wearing faux hawks
Dislikes:  Monochromatic colors

The Bookworm - She spends several hours a day reading.  She has so many books in her apartment, that she uses books as coasters on her coffee table.  Her dusty TV set is not only outdated, but barely is used.  She's always recommending the latest best-seller book and she thinks Oprah's book club selections are way overrated.  She's usually seen at a Starbucks or inside of a Barnes and Noble reading a book and not confined to a laptop.  Her favorite author is Toni Morrison and prefers that books never be made into movies.  She has an expanded vocabulary and sometimes forgets that her vernacular can come across as intimidating to others.

Likes: Reading e-books on her Nook.
Dislikes: TV

The Soul Sista - She's real through and through.  She refuses to wear hair extensions or fake nails.  She loves her natural fro and uses all-natural products not only in her hair but on her skin.  She can be seen in a store purchasing hemp products, lightly scented oils, or even making a quick stop at Carol's Daughter.  She listens to neo-soul music and loves to write and recite poetry.  She's typically a vegetarian or even vegan and is a regular at Whole Foods.  She's very spiritual and has a very deep set of beliefs in a Higher Power.  She's soft-spoken and listens attentively before she speaks and always has something profound to say.

Likes: Yoga
Dislikes: Social Networking Sites

The Feminist - She's not a man-hater she just embraces and empowers women.  She's an activist and is seen at every female-empowered event on your college campus.  She's always an advocate for some social cause and is constantly sending you invites on Facebook of the latest event she's attending.  She's not much of a girly girl and doesn't like to wear a lot of makeup.  She's always got your back no matter what you may be going through, and she's the last one to leave the room at a social event.

Likes: Progress and Social Acceptance.
Dislikes: Archaic Ideas


  1. Nice, I'm a mixture between the Fashionista, Bookworm, and Soul Sista and a little bit of the Reclue :-)


  2. The recluse describe me to a tee :) I love the blog!

  3. I'm sort of all of them...

  4. I'm a mix between the bookworm and the feminist.

  5. I don't fit in fully in none of the categories ...but I like the way fashionista sounds...

  6. I pretty much have a little of all of those: I'm a recluse, fashionable, have an Afro, am a vegetarian and I like to read.

  7. I'm the recluse and "soul sista" although that is something I'd never refer myself to except this one time.

  8. definitely the recluse with a dash of bookworm. I cant afford a TV or a nook; I spent it all on books -_- lol

  9. This is delightfully hilarious... It should be shared on other social networks.

  10. I'm part fashionista and part soul sistah

  11. Not 100%, but I'm most like The Fashionista with bits of The Feminist!

    Cute article. I wish my group of friends included these types of nerdy girls!