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Monday, February 20, 2012


Since I'm In A Soapy Mood...

First of all I'm filing this post under the "Sadness" label because the TV soap opera has pretty much been laid to rest.  I think there are only a handful of daytime soaps on the air and primetime soaps died a brutal death a long time ago.

Here are some of my personal favorite TV soap opera openings.  Now I am fully aware that many of these openings have changed based on the year of its release.  These specific openings are just my personal favs and may not necessarily be the original theme song.

*Nerdy Fact* -- I once kept a VHS recording of all of these TV openings because I loved them so much.  Thankfully YouTube never lets me down.

DAYTIME Guiding Light Opening circa 1991


 All My Children circa 1980s (short and succinct)


 One Life To Live circa 1988 Peabo Bryson style


Young & The Restless relatively the same theme since its inception

What are your favorite Primetime soap opera openings?


  1. Young & The Restless & All My Children.

    Girl, you done brought back some MAJOR MEMORIES...