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Monday, February 20, 2012


Remember the TV Soap "Generations"?

If you're an 80's baby like me or a tinge older, than you know what I'm talking about.  The short lived TV soap opera Generations was the first daytime soap that featured a predominantly Black cast.  The show was about two families that spawned back from three generations--the Whitmore and Marhsall families.  The show starred unknown talent at the time like Vivica A. Fox, Kristoff St. John, and Lela Rochon just to name a few.

The soap opera series was short lived.  It only lasted for 13 months and was cancelled due to low ratings.  There was some anger in the African-American community towards the show's early demise and despite the fact the show was well received by critics, in the end not enough viewers tuned in to keep the series going.

The show aired March 27, 1989 – January 25, 1991. The series was aired in syndication on BET and ran on the network until 1993.

Final Episode (Part 1 of 5):

Opening Titles:


  1. Girl, I remember this show!!!! I was in high school and used to record it on the VCR...yessir!!! Me and my friends were ticked off that it got canceled.

  2. I remember this. Debbie Morgan was on this show after she left All My Children. I think Kristoff St. John went to Young and the Restless after this as well.