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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Oscar Night

I am a movie geek freak.  Today is my Superbowl Sunday when it comes to Oscar night.  My favorite part are the red carpet entrances 2 hours prior to the show's premiere.  Who's the best dressed and who's the worst dressed which is always fun to see.

I like the monologues delivered by the TV host and the comedy sketches done in between.  Billy Crystal is hosting this year, (although I wish it were Eddie Murphy) so the classy humor in Oscar history will be revived tonight.  I love the moments during the awards ceremony when they compose movie montage packages and squeeze together within 5 minutes or less some of the greatest historical moments in movie history for all of us to see.

The acceptance speeches are also very interesting to me and I like to see who's going to make a faux pas speech on stage and who's going to get cut off by the TV producers when they blast the music in the background and cut the camera back to the show host.

I'm rooting for my two girls Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer tonight.  I actually read the book "The Help" before watching the movie.  The book was so good I finished it in 3 days.  Their performances were stunning and I hope to see them BOTH walking away tonight with a golden statuette in hand.  Despite what some black critics (i.e., Tavis Smiley) may say about their depiction of playing maids, I still found that the story was one that had character, meaning, and substance---and both actresses are more than worthy for their nominations.

Good luck tonight girls!


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