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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Obsessed With Politics

I'm a dork when it comes to politics.  I actually enjoy watching CNN and seeing the latest updates on the Republican primaries.  So as most of you know Mitt Romney won the Florida primary and now its Romney 2-Newt 1- Santorum 1.  So I'll be honest....I have no desire to see any of these guys to become the next President.  However, I must say these debates and the political rhetoric surrounding these men is intriguing.  Its interesting to see how they change their stance on an issue from one week to the next.  Not to mention pandering to crowds from state to state.  I never have been so enthralled by a political campaign in all my life.  Not to mention the drama that ensued from Herman Cain's dropout due to his extracurricular love life or Mitt Romney's Cayman Island accounts where he pays little to nothing in tax rates.  It should be interesting who will be the GOP contender and I look forward to seeing the Obama campaign start running ads on either Mitt or Newt (I suspect it will be Mitt).  It should make for an interesting debate in the months to come.

Is it weird that I would rather spend my Friday night watching Bill Maher's crass "New Rules" jokes?  Or constantly DVR Rachel Maddow poking fun at the hypocrisy of our democracy?  I'm a political nerd.  Its my thing and I totally own it.


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