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Thursday, February 9, 2012


My So-Called Online Dating Life

So I've been flirting with online dating for several years now I am mildly ashamed to admit.  I feel like I've had this conversation that has managed to go around in a 360 degree direction since I was in my early twenties.  The conversation goes a little something like this:

Jamie:  So what's the best dating site out there?

Girl #1:  Oh girl you've got to try  A friend of a friend of mine got married on there.

Jamie:  A friend of a friend?  So do you know anyone directly who's got married on there?

Girl# 2: (interrupts)  Who wants to pay for online dating?  Forget about Match you should try Plenty Of Fish.

Girl# 1: Nah, girl that site is suspect.  I've heard some crazy guys are up on that site.

Jamie:  What about OK Cupid?  Someone told me that's a good site to go to.

Girl #1:  Yea, its aiight.

Girl # 2:  I don't know of anyone who's actually dated anyone off of there.

Jamie:  So then what should I do?  Craigslist?

Girl #1 & #2: NOOOOO!!!

So yea, that's the gist of my many conversations with various girlfriends, co-workers, relatives, old roommates, etc.  Everyone knows someone who has had an online dating experience.

So the consensus among girlfriends and myself--it appears these are the Top 5 Online Dating websites.  You may agree or disagree...

5. Lavalife

4. Plenty Of Fish

3. eHarmony

2. OkCupid

1. Match

Until I meet Mr. Right on any of these sites I'll be sure to let you know which one is actually my personal best.  For now...I guess I'll keep fishing.

P.S. There are also the niche online dating sites like (for interracial dating) or (for faith-based singles).  What site is your favorite dating website?


  1. POf has the grossest, least datable people. I adore OKCupid because of all of the features.

    Match as a pay site attracts more respectable clientelle, but it's overpriced for what it delivers.

    I've never tried Lava... hmm.

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  4. You're a black girl nerd and you haven't used, or even soulgeek? For shame. I'm suspending your nerd card. lol

  5. I think eharmony has a focus on getting people married. I know that has talked about how she's used online dating to some success. It seems to me that the key to online dating lies in having a really good profile and nice pictures. My room mate has also used to some success as well.

    Additionally, there's a paid service called which is a site where people recommend date ideas and you can agree to go on a date with that person. It's really cute.

  6. I don't use any dating services but I like OKCupid because they are always releasing metrics about their users and I get off on data crunching.