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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I Heart Jon B.

Jon B. is an artist I have had a major crush on since I was 16.  I'm now 31 and feel just as giddy about him now, than I did when I was a sweet SIXteen.  On Valentine's Day he is releasing a new album called Comfortable Swagg and it is safe to say it looks like Jon B. is back!  I'm not sure why he disappeared from the music scene, but I feel so nostalgic right now that I'm playing "Someone To Love" off of his Bonafide record right now!

He's soooo incredibly sexy.  I was hoping he would marry me and have ten thousand of my babies, but as fate would have it, instead he's married with a beautiful daughter and I'm still single and hoping to find a carbon copy hubby instead...swagger and all!  In the meantime here's a clip from one of his singles off his new album and I hope it brightens your day as it always have mine!


P.S.  This song below is my alarm on my iPad that wakes me up every morning...its a nice jam to wake up to.


  1. "Are you still down" with Tupac still on of my favs by him. Love Jon B - so happy he's back :0)