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Monday, February 6, 2012


Black Barbie World

When I was growing up, there were not that many Black Barbie dolls on the shelves.  I saw a few here an there, but not a whole lot.  However, today there are so many beautiful Black dolls in a number of alluring shades and hair textures.  Just like us.  I'm happy to know that there are young girls who can see their beauty more than I could when I was that age.  We need more beautiful Black Barbie images in this world to assure us of who we are in our own skin and that we are radiant and lovely in every way.  Hair, skin, eyes, lips, and noses.


  1. OMG!

    Please tell me I can go and buy these dolls somewhere? I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THEM FOR MY NIECE!!!!

    BTW...still working on my post. Should have it done by the end of the week.

  2. I remember one of my first black barbies was a Brandy doll for her show Moesha :)

  3. I'm white, tho as a child demanded black Barbies, hispanic Barbies, Asian Barbies granted they all had the same look just different color plastic... I felt it was important even at a very young age to reflect the world around me in my play time.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! Where can I find these dolls?