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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Best and Worst Hairstyles By Decade

So I'm sitting here with my laptop thinking of what to blog about as I was fiddling with my hair and then...eureka!  I'll write about the best and worst hairstyles of each decade.  So here's my personal list.  You may agree or disagree and if so, feel free to comment below.  I just think its fun to think of how far we've come as women with our hair --and on the flipside of that-- what the heck were we thinking?!?

1950's Best - Dorothy Dandridge 

      1950's Worst - Eartha Kitt

1960's Best - Janet MacLachlan

1960's Worst - Cicely Tyson

1970's Best - Pam Grier

1970's Worst - Diana Ross

1980's Best - Donna Summer

1980's Worst - Patti Labelle

1990's Best - Halle Berry

1990's Worst - Zhane

2000's Best - Nia Long

2000's Worst - Serena Williams

2010's Best - Mary J Blige

2010's Worst - Cassie


  1. Cicely, Diana & Patti look a hot fire mess with those hairstyles.

    I thought Zhane looked great with their low cuts. I know they took some heat from critics; they were called "those bald-headed chicks," but I gave Jean and Renee props for daring to be different.

  2. I think you might need to explain why you put some in certain categories.