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Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Black Girl Nerds is a place for women of color with various eccentricities to express themselves freely and embrace who they are.  This is not a site exclusively for Black women.  It's for ALL women who are just as nerdy as we are.  I named this site Black Girl Nerds because the concept of Black women as geeky-dorky beings is somewhat of an anomaly.  It's against the order of things in the "Black Girl" world.  We represent a wide array of diverse women who embrace all cultures and refuse to conform to the status quo. If you prefer to cozy up to a book on a Friday night or listen music that stimulates your spirit rather than your hips, then perhaps this is the place for you.  If its not that's okay too...we still love you anyway ;)


  1. I liked your effort I'm a boy and wanna see what this society and other people doing wrong with girls, so can you plz let me in too?
    I'm asking to join as girls are respectable human beings too because they are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives so I think that anyone one who wants to disgrace them is mad cause every boy except Adam (A.S) is born by some Woman :)

    So girls don't be upset and not care about foolish people in the world.

  2. ReadEng. Didi's PressNovember 12, 2013 at 5:51 AM

    Great blog! Found you through The Prissy Snob.

  3. OMG where has this site been all my life?! Love it. #NerdsOfColorUnite

  4. Nice site! I first found you through twitter.

  5. I love this and I am very happy I stumbled accross the site. I will be sure to follow.

  6. I love this and I am very happy I stumbled across the site. I will be sure to follow.