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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


80's Baby

I'm a creature of the 80s.  By that I mean I was born in that decade.  Although the 80s consisted of me being a newborn, a toddler, and a child.  I feel like that I was supposed to be in the 80s---even as an adult.  I would say 60% of the songs in my iPod are songs birthed in the 80s.  I would also say that I miss the old Madonna and loathe the new one. I miss wearing friendship bracelets and bamboo earrings.  I miss watching The Facts of Life and looking to E.T. as my friend from another planet.  It was just the best decade ever.  Michael Jackson was my hero and Judy Blume led me through puberty.  ::SIGH::  I miss you 80s.  If you ever decide to come back please keep me trapped in your bubble never to return to another decade.

I'm going to listen to cassette tapes and read my Bop Magazine now...


  1. I completely understand you. I was born in 1985 and I am an 80's baby thru and thru. I love the music, fashion, and spirit of the 80's. This weekend I'm celebrating my 27th birthday, with a huge back yard bar-b-q / 80's themed bash. It's going to be awesome!!!

  2. how do you NOT love the 80s? for the music, if anything. and it was just ALL THE TIME. ahhh the good ole days. and, hey, PLEASURE PRINCIPAL OH OH OH OH!